Sunday and the Sidhe

hosting of the sidhe – Sunday and the Sidhe

Sunday and the Sidhe

hosting of the sidhe

Colette O’Neill is an author and founder of The Bealtaine Project, bringing Goddess Permaculture into universal awareness, as we struggle to care for our Mother Earth. Colette weaves this passion for the Great Mother into all of her work, writing about, photographing and filming Mother Earth in all her seasonal joy and beauty. Publications to date are as follows, with a link below to where they may be purchased:
“A Cottage and Three Acres”
“In Search of the Goddess Rising”
“A Guide to the Deep Midwinter”
“The Magical, Mythical Map”
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hosting of the sidhe

Sunday and the Sidhe

36 thoughts on “hosting of the sidhe – Sunday and the Sidhe

  1. I have also had an experience like that! Mine was on a train, she told me everything was going to be okay. She told me a lot of things. I followed her off the train, turned to thank her but she simply disappeared!

  2. You're story about the woman of the Fair Folk was somewhat similar to an experience I had years ago but it was a strange young man I encountered in the middle of the night in a snow storm . I stepped out for a breath of fresh air on my break at the hospital where I worked the night shift . It was on the night of the winter solstice. I was standing in a little roofed over patio area where staff sometimes went on break. Out of nowhere a very peculiar person came walking into the patio from the snow covered lawn surrounding the patio. I thought he might be another staff member but then I noticed he didn't have on a uniform. He wore clothing of a few bright colors, a funny sort of stocking hat, and there was just something odd about him. I was a bit depressed when I went out on break from being tired but he said a few things that made me laugh, and it cheered me up. I wasn't the least bit nervous even though he was a stranger. He actually wished me a Merry Solstice, and just walked off back from the way he came into the falling snow. The hospital is on a back road and there is nothing near there for miles, I have no idea where he was going. When I looked at my watch I was surprised to see my break was over already, and I hurried back to the ward where I worked. When I thought about it the next day It all seemed a bit unreal , like a strange dream, and I believe it is possible he was not of this world just like you said about the lady you met.. — niniann

  3. Excellent sound. 🙂 …I agree, those sorts of encounters always seen outside of time and it's mortal constraints

    … and thank you for the correct pronunciation of yet another word that I'm familiar with the look of but not the sound. 🙂 … may the hole-in-the-wall supply you abundantly.

  4. Beautiful story! It will be interesting to hear how you ever got the idea planting on a land and how you managed to grow sseds and saplings while in London. 🙂
    I realized especially while watching this video, how quiet the towns are! Hardly any human being is seen! Coming from a country like India, the contrast strikes hard!

  5. It finally snowed here in the part of the himalayas where I live! The lack of snow was a serious worry as farmers need winter snow for rice paddies and general snow-melt to keep those rivers flowing and water coming. Global climate change is definitely a concern with glacial melting. We love snow!

  6. So we drive on the right side of the road, and they drive on the wrong side of the road! LOL! But seriously i cant get used to it…seems harrowing. Remind me to never drive in a country where they drive on the left side of the road!

  7. Oooh. I am ever so interested. I'm reading a book by Signe Pike…Faery Tale. And she talks about her search for the fae. One woman's search for enchantment in a modern world. My Nan believed in them. She'd leave food out for the fae and the little woodland animals. Have a safe trip tomorrow. Thank you so much for these.

  8. Oooh . . . shivers & tingles up my back from the telling of your time with the Sidhe (pron shee) person. Watched the video this morning but didn't take time then to comment. From then 'til now when I think of it, chills. There is something very naturally hyper-real about it.

  9. You were away with the fairies!! Thank you for sharing..I know what you are talking about, I have had several experiences where time stood still, transported to another time & space.otherworldly..Wish I was sitting at your table, we would have alot of things to talk about in depth..Blessings

  10. What a magickal experience. You are so blessed to have met this wonderful person / Fairy. My experience of Fairy magick was a few years ago when i was walking in nature with my family. The buttercups seemed to glow really brightly as though they were lit up, & other flowers seemed to change colour. No one else could see it , only me , & i felt so blessed & happy

  11. Detachment from our minds — from thought — allows us to be open to many worlds and experiences. When the ego gets in the way, we try to rationalize experiences like this. It often brings me great joy to just sit and watch animals. They have no barriers that prevent them from being open and vulnerable to things we cannot see. The rare person who can set aside their mind, even for an instant, has an opportunity to witness metaphysical, transpersonal events.

  12. The audio sounds perfect! What a joy to visit your daughter and granddaughter. Everyone is so spread out these days you never know where people are going to end up, and the US is a very big country so it could take 1 or 2 weeks driving to get from one end to the other, I forget the exact time. Fascinating experience you told us about!

  13. This is a most wonderful story, and I totally believe the woman was there to guide you along your path. So amazing and such a blessing! It would be a great treat to read the stories you have to share! ( Audio great. ) Have a blessed day.

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