The Fae & the Sidhe

hosting of the sidhe – The Fae & the Sidhe

The Fae & the Sidhe

hosting of the sidhe

You wanted more about the fae so here is a timeline of my most recent encounters with the Sidhe (pronounced “she”) which is one type of fae as well as some other encounters that I have had. May it inspire your own magical experiences! Hope you enjoy where things have been going. And I remembered what wood my faerie wand is made from! It’s yew! I kept trying to think of a longer name…. Check out my new Patreon page and join if you’ve a mind to. And here’s my etsy page for those who asked. And my email for questions is [email protected] Feel free to send me a message to be answered in upcoming live shows!

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hosting of the sidhe

The Fae & the Sidhe

26 thoughts on “hosting of the sidhe – The Fae & the Sidhe

  1. Hello, I've been 2 years into my practice and I've been having a very hard time with contact with anything, is there any tip you would give for something like that? I've tried lucid dreaming but when I do call out nothing happens. When I meditate nothing happens it just relaxes me to the point of falling asleep. There have been random times when the fae mess with me (in a funny way) but other than that nothing really happens.

  2. What is a universalist?
    Also did you know that a majority of the dinosaurs bones are made up because nobody actually dug up a full skeleton before? This could imply that dinosaurs were actually dragons. Hence the fact that there are also dragons represented in almost every single culture in the world!

  3. Thank you so much for making this video! I have had some encounters with the Fair Folk and I have so often felt like I'm crazy or in danger, because no one in my life believed in them, and those on the internet said they were dangerous. Your videos have helped me feel so much better about my experiences!

  4. Thank you for sharing. I felt so much peace watching your video. I don’t have anyone to share my experiences with, which I’m okay with right now. But it’s nice to hear others tell their stories.

  5. I love your videos ☺️❤️ they’ve made me more open minded & less afraid. Normally I completely ignore anything trying to interact with me but i may consider a bit more now

  6. How do you tell the difference between a Sidhe & a ghost? Based on your experiences, I feel I have had an encounter with a Sidhe, but I was always under the impression that she was a ghost. Thank you for your insight!

  7. Thank you for sharing this story! This reminds me of when I was caring for my mother in her last few weeks of life. She kept asking me who the beautiful blonde woman with me was. Said she could see her clearly standing there as if she were as real as me. I couldn’t see her. Then, the night before mom passed, my husband woke up from a light doze and said “Christy. There is a woman sitting on the bed next to you.” He said the woman told him this word, “Cashel.” And then vanished. He described her as being the most ethereally beautiful woman he could ever imagine, with long, flowing, golden-white hair. To this day, I do not know who she was, or what Cashel means to her or to us. But I feel like this was an important message that she was trying to impart.

    Any advice for where I should begin the research to try to understand? (Full disclosure – I do not practice any form of magic or religion, but am not an unbeliever – just always too busy with mundane life to delve into it)

  8. Wow, how interesting. I was just outside yesterday, just walking listening to the forest, thinking about the sorcerer juan matus in the carlos castaneda books. How juan was talking about finding power objects through intuition and powerful emotion. Synchrinicity!!!

  9. You cannot tell just anyone certain things…some people cheapen your experience by filling your mind with doubts about what has happened because they can't trust you when they have no faith in you as a person …period.

  10. Another wonderful video, thank you! I appreciate the way you end your videos with very succinct, essential wisdom, such as why we must protect the new “thread” of our magickal abilities by being careful who we talk to about it! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your unfolding relationship with the Sidhe! Blessed Be!

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