The Faery Lineage and Irish Mythology: The Daoine Sidhe

Hosting of the Sidhe – The Faery Lineage and Irish Mythology: The Daoine Sidhe

The Faery Lineage and Irish Mythology: The Daoine Sidhe

Hosting of the Sidhe

The Daoine Sidhe, as an incarnation of the Faery, consisted of those of the mightly Tuatha De Danann who chose to become the Faery Folk of ancient Ireland.

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Hosting of the Sidhe

The Faery Lineage and Irish Mythology: The Daoine Sidhe

25 thoughts on “Hosting of the Sidhe – The Faery Lineage and Irish Mythology: The Daoine Sidhe

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! Have you ever heard of the lennan sidhe? I used to follow Irish Imbas about all Irish information. But stopped after finding out that he doesn’t cite his research. So his information wasn’t as authentic. I’m of Irish heritage and am fascinated and find great importance in sharing the lore right. The lennan sidhe and the glancanagh are love talkers and prey on the love of humans. I’m used to The sidhe being scary and not at all like pop culture renditions of fairies. Is there any connection of the lennan sidhe to the daoine sidhe? Thanks!
    All the best,

  2. I really have no idea if fairies are old or modern, but this book ABSOLUTELY… a fairy's spirit speaks by Dolly Mody, that I bought online, takes one to an altogether different realm of understanding us and them. Simply amazing and marvelous, and a must read for all.

  3. I The are are no 'modern' faeries ,they are powerful and ancient, Tuatha de Dana an were not considered mortal, when they immigrated, when they were defeated they left to go into the hollow hills so the annals are written, they were a mysterious ,beautiful to look upon but terrible in power Rutland Broughton wrote e an opera based on a ancient legend about Etain ,it is called The immortal Hour ,it is haunting and beautiful. , it is in man,s mind they diminished not in themselves, they still exist and are conversant with the power of Nature.

  4. Well done! Very clear, straightforward and lucid with none of the ums, you knows and awkward pauses so common in other offerings. Inspires me to continue my research. Keep up the good work. Brava!

  5. yes…you be truth in your speak tongue ….we are hidden from the eyes of man …as man only sees the outside wrapper …but if you look not out of mans eyes ….you will see is hidden inside the wrapper …….tueita tu …

  6. I've been studying the Tuatha de Danann and this helps me out a ton! but, what did they dwindle into? I thought I heard Heroic Era, but I'm not sure. If you could respond to this, that would be amazing. Thank you for the information. 🙂

  7. Sorry about doubling the first comment :(. I do not see them as much as I used to, but now I see them in dreams and at times they talk to me. I often feel that they guided me to my current faith, more pagan Faery-Faith. What makes me feel that they were real and not imaginative is that I know two others who have described the same "people" to me (my mother and one who became my best-friend). Normally they are kind but they make it felt when they get upset at something.

  8. I know that most might not believe it, but as a child I believed that I saw the Sidhe at times. Tall shining people who could shape-change. There were those who enjoyed scaring people (usually at night) but when I looked at them they seemed darker. As if the aura they gave off was dark. One of the Shining People used to talk to me and assist me in fending off the darker ones. A lot of what she taught me as a child I found in Wicca and Druid teachings. As such, I have gravitated towards those now

  9. Good video. In my studies I defined the Seelie as those who were more benevolent towards humans in general; choosing to assist us in improving ourselves. The Unseelie were the Sidhe who did not like humans for a series of reasons (we damaged nature, we broke promises, we stole their world from them, etc) and as such were more inclined to seek to hinder us then help because they see humans as a problem. I have a hard time disliking the Unseelie because I often see why they might not like humans.

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