4 Reasons Why You WILL Succeed As An Airbnb Host

Hosting on Airbnb – 4 Reasons Why You WILL Succeed As An Airbnb Host

4 Reasons Why You WILL Succeed As An Airbnb Host

Hosting on Airbnb

You’re being scared. You need to get moving. Here’s four reasons to stop holding back, 4 reasons to start your journey in real estate or rental arbitrage. 4 reasons why you’ll succeed with an Airbnb business in 2020

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This video is an robinhood alternative. A alternative to forex. A way to make money without investing. This is a Gary Vee style financial freedom hack that will make flipping couches look like rummaging through hot garbage. Less competitive than amazon FBA or drop shipping.

Sean Rakidzich is an airbnb host with 100 properties, making millions of dollars a year on airbnb. Sean is the Lead Coach on Million Dollar Renter. He’s an advocate for hosts and has helped 1000s of hosts survive the economic downturn spring of 2020.

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Hosting on Airbnb

4 Reasons Why You WILL Succeed As An Airbnb Host

45 thoughts on “Hosting on Airbnb – 4 Reasons Why You WILL Succeed As An Airbnb Host

  1. Do you have any properties by Disney World, Fl? If so, due to it’s Airbnb saturation, do you think it would be a good idea for my to purchase my first Airbnb there in the summer of 2021?

  2. Omg. Thank you so much for the inspiring words! You’re right that fear is deep and wide right now, and it’s difficult not to let it grab a hold of me too. I live in Housotn and lost my job due to the virus. I can no longer afford my mortgage and decided that renting it while I move in with friends/family temporarily would be wise. I have been on the fence about regular rental vs Airbnb. Both options have their critics. I have felt paralyzed by indecision a few times, but most recently was leaning towards regular long-term rental. Then, yesterday, I was reminded by family of the moratorium and that a long-term rental could be detrimental, if tenants refuse to pay and refuse to leave! The thought was terrifying, to say the least….so I’m back at looking at Airbnb. Time is ticking away all the while and I’ve got to do something. I don’t want to sell. I love this place and feel it’s a gold mine due to the location, with so much potential for rental, or to pass to my daughter when she is grown. I’m in Montrose near Taft/Fairview. 3 story townhome. Thank you for all you do!! I’ll be tuning-in often for more advice! Best luck to you and your company.

  3. You all went nuts! Or is just a silly AirBNB add to drag more fools into this "business". Airbnb is over and after Coronavirus you won't hear about this company anymore.
    14000 empty Airbnb apartments in a city of 2 million populations. 80% hanging on loans. Next year all gonna go in the market causing prices to crash. And it's already crashing. I knew the apartment price was 100 let's say, now 75
    no one even calls. The guy owning real estate company I know sold his house moved to an apartment just to survived. Sold for the price someone offered not what he wanted. You are all def blind.
    AirBNB was created on this purpose- no any industry will allow being f. by some shmuck with the loan. Wake up you people from the illusion, its a trap. I said that 3 years ago about AirBNB and the guy with 7 apartments called me retarded. 5 of his apartment belongs to the bank , now eating junk food and running to clean the toilet once in a while because he can't afford anymore cleaning stuff. Big guy with 7 apartments now on junk food and going under the bridge soo.
    I cant travel anywhere everyone requests a fake test. Airbnb people will be busted ALL no matter your own apartment or banks owns in both cases you will lose and the hotel industry will take it back the business that belongs to them, how it was for centuries.
    Another way to think is immature.

  4. I just opened my place for bookings! I receive a booking the first day I opened and now I have half of October booked!!! Although at a discounted rate, it still feels great to already have bookings.

  5. Beginning to get into this, after so many years working in hospitality I Recently purchased 15.5 acres in Dominican rep. Less then a 2 miles from great tourist destinations in the country. Can’t wait to get started building

  6. Sean, I own all my own spaces. Have been looking into arbitrage here (Canada). My question is around pricing. I've watched all your pricing videos and my questions are a few things.

    My area is a big city in the middle of nowhere. We have many reasons for guests and we have maintained 97.2% occupancy throughout the pandemic. We've been doing this 5 years.

    Our area has many low tier properties, who drive down pricing in our areas. Our listings I would consider high end but short of luxury. Whats the best way to determine pricing? Were at $100/night and $125/weekends. We'd like to pull more revenue from our units but don't want to have much lower occupancy.

    Any advice?

  7. A lot of people who bought houses for AIR&b they are loosing the houses, because the short rental property lost 80% of the customers. and most of the people who are traveling and local or closer areas and they are asking all the time for discount . no money in that business now. i don't understand how can you survive with more of 100 rental properties? and you don't own anyone only rent those and put On AIrb&b , it mean your profit is little and you expenses are big now. no may sense many thinks you said . look to me like somebody is paying you money to talk positive about short rental business now. I don't trust you any more.

  8. By what I am seeing, it looks like a great business.
    But I am wondering if it’s available for people living in third world countries such as Nigeria.

    I know that there are listings of properties available in Nigeria but am wondering if running the business is possible.

  9. Good stuff-thanks for your host-centric insight… I’ve operated as a small 2-3 property side gig last couple years to test and learn before deciding to scale, or not. Finding apartment buildings to multi-unit lease seems to be the ticket… just haven’t found yet. Suggestions?

  10. Hi Sean

    Would love to chat about a cute little loop hole that Airbnb have utilised at the start of airbnb. I know three other hosts who have been bullied into accepting a zero payout, and have had the decision reversed in their favour. Must be more I say.

    Unsure, how to privately have this conversation.

  11. Thank you for you videos my best friend has become an investor and wants me to run Airbnb’s here where I’m at located. Starting in February. If she is the investor and I’m running and managing the locations. Should I be making a paycheck or a percentage. I have the opportunity to be in two states. One state is military and the second has many events each year.

  12. I am broke. I have a market. I have a plan. But I'm stuck in the rat race.
    Im 25 and the last 5 years i have started and failed at a handful businesses. Im okay with risk and failure. But that's also destroyed my credit. I can't rent anything. I watch every video i can on rental arbitrage to see if i can learn something new. Im about to form an LLC to just manage something. I have thought about partners. But partners in the past have led me to some of my failures. So im hesitant to use someone elses money or credit. I dont want to be married to someone.

  13. Hey Sean, i love your videos and i learn a lot. I’m here in the twin cities, MN And i want to make sure my market is good! Do you know about the market up here. I feel like it’s not good because of the winters. But I’m not sure.

  14. Hi, Sean. I have a question for you. I launched a new listing in July, the first review was a 5, the next guest gave a 3 rating, because he wanted to pay outside airbnb, which I

    declined, and he booked from the platform. I do the cleaning myself, and I know it was good. But overall that rating of combined 4, ruined the studio performance, and wasn't getting during the high month of August. I contacted airbnb support, wanting them to remove the rating, which they declined TODAY, after at least 30 days delay.THE PERLY -"Moving forward, if you receive a negative review or rating, we encourage you to write a response instead that clarifies and responds to your guest’s feedback, in a manner of which it would seem like you are talking to your future potential guests. We firmly believe that responses are the best way to show future guests what a great host you are and sometimes a really good response to a negative review will even put you in a better light for future guests"……. Yes, if someone clicks on a 4 stars listing. What would you do in that case? PS – This is my first comment in the channel, I think that you are great, Wish you all the best!

  15. Respectfully disagree . I have a place in hot area and no real demand at all . Superhost with 5 stars and even before con vid bookings were ok but no big money .if you already a landlord it’s no big deal and often just easier get 1900 per month for 2 bedroom giving nothing so getting 3 gs with all the drama is no big money really . Fun for people who want to meet new people I guess but no cash flow . Reason I believe it’s now dead for sure is what I wrote many months ago . The worst is yet to come as a ripple effect from them intentionally leading the world into ruin. If communist rule we are in now and which is ready to be in full force. So doubtfully soon the government will even allows this so being stuck with a lease and no guests will be rough on arbitrage . A landlord can just go back to normal . Sure you may have troubles with people being broke and unable to pay because of no jobs . But it’s better than getting 5 or 10 days of bookings bevause of economy or none at all if they decide to put some type con vid rule on stays which is very possible . Or even if they did it for a few months and wiped out guests like last time . Sorry just think it’s risky and I see turbulent times ahead for the populace which means not lots of visiting the yuppie kids in a hipster area . And the hipster areas will soon be broke along with all the servers who live in them sorry to say . The month long work from home can be funky cause you get the hipsters who live in the area with a ton of friends . Not the same as having tourists coming and exploring the city . Best of luck though I still think you are great teacher on all subjects

  16. Thank you again for the reminder to go all in. Watching this channel since 3 years ago.
    How do you market for medical tourism? Do you stage something specific?
    I have 3 private hospitals near me and it looks like there is a demand for strs in the area. Though airbnb operator I know says I have to do it cash only to make a profit.
    Do you have any specific tips for that market?
    Thank you Sean again for being such an awesome host and presenter!

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