Hosting on Airbnb – Airbnb Hosting: 4 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Airbnb Standout! (2018)

Airbnb Hosting: 4 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Airbnb Standout! 🔥(2018)

Hosting on Airbnb

Here’s 4 interior design tips to make your Airbnb standout from the competition! Special thanks to Mercedes and Karen of 1chicretreat who helped us with this list …

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Hosting on Airbnb

Airbnb Hosting: 4 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Airbnb Standout! 🔥(2018)

22 thoughts on “Hosting on Airbnb – Airbnb Hosting: 4 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Airbnb Standout! (2018)

  1. I have a guest house attached to the house I bought in 2017. It has its own entrance and parking space and even a front yard. It does need some upgrading and renovations, however I dont have the means to get this completed and I just started renting it to a friend. Are there any sources of funding other than home equity loan or line of credit to help with funding to get this space airbnb ready? ​

  2. Use VRBO not aibnb, their service is a bit better and they attract better quality of people. They have outsorced their customer service but some of the reps are still in Austin. The outsorced customer service at both companies suck

  3. You video was inspiring but I would have like to see a transformation of some kind. Like how would have arranged the bathroom or couches etc. overall a very informative video. Keep up the good work. Keeps me inspired.

  4. I have been using airbnb sincera 2015 and i started hosting guests 2016 and it has been a great experience and good side in come inbox me and i Will help you get started on airbnb to start making money or even if you wanna be a guest you still have to get some bonus

  5. We're in negotiations on a TINY studio cabin (300 sq ft) less than half a mile from the lake tahoe waterfront. Lot's of charm and knotty pine paneling everywhere. Does anyone have recommendations on how to maximize the small floor plan and take advantage of both ski and beach seasons this place will see most of it's use?

  6. I do have multiple antler chandeliers at one of my properties. The previous owner installed them, and they are hugely popular, but I had to come up with an overall decorating scheme that accommodated the antlers, and also let our guests know that these are shed each year, and no animals were harmed in the process.

    Each property speaks to all of us for some reason, and we must respect the property, the setting and the prospective guests when we are designing a new VR to delight our guests.

    That is the real fun and the art of designing a VR that will attract visitors, and Richard you are 100% correct in stating that the intent of the guest in visiting this area should guide your design.

    Beyond that, you have a ton of creativity to design as you wish, but Richard's comment strikes me as especially important – design for the experience your guest is looking for in booking in your area.

  7. I've been a super-host from my first season three years ago and almost everyone comments (enthusiastically and positively) either in person or in the private review about my decor. I was surprised at the beginning because I did not spend much money on anything beyond comfortable beds. I found, remade, re-imagined, painted and recovered all kinds of furniture and decor. I love the furnishing/decorating part more than anything!
    I think Richard has made a great post about what so many STR hosts find to be a difficult part of getting their listings up and running. Decorating a space doesn't come naturally to many people. It will probably be worthwhile for those people to find someone to lend them a hand.
    Hmm, I've just listed my owned places for sale with the idea of relocating for an as-yet undecided new location. Perhaps there is a business opportunity as a roving Airbnb designer for hire…

  8. I am trying to understand living options/how to factor in rent for a place i can sleep while people stay in the initial airbnb property… hoping you may put in a bit about this in a video soon!

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