Airbnb Hosting Q&A | A Thousand Words

Hosting on Airbnb – Airbnb Hosting Q&A | A Thousand Words

Airbnb Hosting Q&A | A Thousand Words

Hosting on Airbnb

Answering your questions about my experience of being a host on Airbnb. All questions are time stamped below.

Become an Airbnb host:

A tour of our guest house:
A tour of our guest house kitchen / bathroom:

2:11 How did you first decide to open an Airbnb?
4:37 What would be some tips you would suggest (with the wisdom of hindsight) for other kiwis thinking of going down that path?
7:10 Specific step by step guidance around setting up a rental space, as well as the actual logistics of running it.
14:35 What is your typical routine for changing over between guests?
15:01 What would you do differently about setting up your guest room/guesthouse?
15:45 What are the pros and cons of having a guesthouse or guest room according to your experience to date?
18:59 What is a typical experience of having guests on your property?
22:33 Would you recommend having an airbnb as a second income for those with young children?
24:48 What do you personally appreciate from your guests (versus, what is a potential pet peeve that may have stood out for you, since you took on running a guesthouse?)
29:10 What legal requirements (if any) have you had to investigate in order to run your guesthouse the way it is run?
29:33 Annually, has the monetary turnover made the extra work required on top of your other sources of daily work been worthwhile?
29:49 Have you noticed a significant seasonal pattern to how often the guesthouse is booked?
30:30 I would like to know about your best and worst guest experiences.
32:01 Have you had any bad experiences? If so, were they few and far between?
35:08 Does it interfere with your privacy at all?
36:56 What would bring a tourist to your neck of the woods? What are the attractions in your area?
37:49 Have your guests ever helped themselves to your garden?
38:12 Do you allow pets?
39:10 Any plans to build a second guest house on your property?
39:41 Do you get a discount if you rent someone else’s AirBnb?
40:15 Do most of your guests have any awareness of your YouTube channel / social media presence?
42:15 Have you had some really bad messes to clean up? If so, gagworthy? Or just unpleasant?
42:30 Do you intend to continue it indefinitely or do you think eventually one of the boys will live there?
42:50 Has anyone left you an (obviously undeserved) crappy review?
43:51 Did you buy your current house with that in mind?
44:01 Do you have any funny stories about your experiences?
45:04 What have you done to grow the business?
46:06 Have you ever thought about renting out the guest house to a long term tenant?

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Hosting on Airbnb

Airbnb Hosting Q&A | A Thousand Words

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