Airbnb Hosts! Be Unique to Compete (Natiivo update in Miami)

Hosting on Airbnb – Airbnb Hosts! Be Unique to Compete (Natiivo update in Miami)

Airbnb Hosts! Be Unique to Compete (Natiivo update in Miami)

Hosting on Airbnb

Hey hosts! Don’t try to compete with cookie cutter high rises by cutting prices. Instead focus on what makes your property unique so you can be successful!

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Hosting on Airbnb

Airbnb Hosts! Be Unique to Compete (Natiivo update in Miami)

16 thoughts on “Hosting on Airbnb – Airbnb Hosts! Be Unique to Compete (Natiivo update in Miami)

  1. don’t worry guys. Those Natiivo building is the biggest scam in miami. You should be crazy to buy 1 bedroom for over 500k, and list it for $70 per night. They will be way too expensive, and they will not be able to compete with the luxury hotels around, and they won’t be able to make any money because in that building will be over 500 apartments and all of them will be listed on airbnb and all of them will be look the same. this is the worst investment you can make and you will be crying two years later because you won’t be able to sell it.

  2. Richard thanks again! We are seeing massive booking slooooowwwww down and almost nothing for so many in Pensacola FL….sure winter time but the sudden shift in November 2019 could not be missed….and yes suddenly massive numbers of condos and big Apt bldgs we're being bought…can it be that what was near 400 Airbnbs is now close to 2000? Ur advice is always timely and most welcome! Peace

  3. This partnership appears to be dead. Airbnb filed a lawsuit against the delevoper of the Nattivo. Many investors put down 25% deposits based on it being powered by Airbnb.

  4. Hey Richard. I’ll make this short for readers
    1) those high-rises and company owned rentals will be are you listing priority so people will see them on top of everybody else Second will be the sellers (plus) then super hosts! And if you or somebody knew you wouldn’t even see yourself on the map only if you type in specific name or in specific size of map!
    2) if you have a condo which is super designed and there’s a lot of demand for those high-rise locks will start to have designs to satisfy people!
    Bottom line the more skilled company has the less you’re going to make in the future!

  5. Individuality and a unique experience has never been more important. This is the sole reason we have 80+ occupancy in the slow season while most in our market are around 5-10%

  6. Excellent content. I've been spewing this for a while you need to stand alone and own your colors. When I searched for an Airbnb in Croatia all I saw were Ikea showrooms, I almost gave up and then I found an apt. that was so unique I didn't want to go out, I wanted to spend my days in the apt. It was full of art, giant double doors, big windows with old shutters, everything was unexpected.

  7. Perhaps Airbnb plus is more relevant now than ever before in distinguishing ones property from the norm. It has worked well for me in Cape Town even with control that is largely lost re photo choices etc.

  8. Hey Richard, I have an Airbnb condo in Kissimmee Florida that cash flows very well, but I definitely worry about this all the time. Do you have any suggestions for making a condo stand out from the crowd? Is that going to be possible in the future or is getting a unique property like a bungalow or villa the only good option? I’d definitely prefer not to sell in the future if I can help it.

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