AIRBNB HOSTS: How to Start Remote Hosting! (2019)

Hosting on Airbnb – AIRBNB HOSTS: How to Start Remote Hosting! (2019)

AIRBNB HOSTS: How to Start Remote Hosting! (2019)

Hosting on Airbnb

Here’s how I can arrive in a place like Nosara, Costa Rica and immediately start building my Airbnb remote hosting team.

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Hosting on Airbnb

AIRBNB HOSTS: How to Start Remote Hosting! (2019)

20 thoughts on “Hosting on Airbnb – AIRBNB HOSTS: How to Start Remote Hosting! (2019)

  1. Great content as always. Currently living in Seattle and hosting my 2 properties in Puerto Rico (~3600 miles away). Have been blessed with great guests and local support (patio, handyman, cleaner and pool guy). Been doing it for 2.5 years and profitable for the last year after initial improvements and huricane Maria repairs were completed.

  2. Live in LA and remote host 1100 miles away southeast Wyoming. Getting good contractor referrals in sparse areas as Richard said is key and you may have to go 100+ miles away to get them, as paying twice for things is worse. The other thing that helped me kickstart is my rockstar cleaner, does so much more than clean – got her by putting an add in the local paper no less. That and being able to controll your smart house off your wifi is key (a light or two for security, thermostat, Kuna floodlight/camera, jacuzzi, Mopeka propane tank monitor, Nest smoke/coc2 sensor, EcoNet water shut-off, etc).

  3. Dude this is exciting, I'm actually buying a property in Guanacaste, Costa Rica at the end of this week and I currently live in Fort Lauderdale. I'm looking forward to seeing more videos regarding your new location and I'll also look forward to attending your Miami event since it's an hour away. keep the videos coming.

  4. Richard is SPOT ON! I have been remote hosting in the Beautiful ski resort town of Mammoth Lakes, California since 2001. I live in Los Angeles (about 300 miles away).

    Like Richard, I found a great RE agent that helped me to hit the ground running. In fact the agent was so good and the hosting experience was so good that my wonderful wife and I bought a second property a few years later.

    Since then I have assisted others (friends, co-workers & even customers) in buying STRs up there. ALL of them are Remote Hosters. Now I have this whole nice network going to include GREAT local contacts and we all help each other.

  5. Very good video, and persuasive. I currently am a remote host (I live in Southern California and have a property in Tacoma, Washington right next to the University of Puget Sound). It has worked rather well for me, for one simple reason–My sister is an experienced host located in Tacoma, and she does a great job managing the property for me. She is trustworthy and professional, and she knows the area (she's also a very hard worker who treats my place as if it were her own). I guess it would have helped in this video if you could have gone into a bit more specific detail in this video about how exactly you find the right, dependable and trustworthy people in a remote location where you don't already have connections. I would love to do this again in another place, but when I think about doing it, I find myself at a bit of a loss as to how exactly to set up such a team, especially in a location very far away from where I am located. Maybe that is an idea for another video . . . but I would be very interested in hearing some concrete tips for how to investigate and set up a remote team like you describe.

  6. I gave up remote hosting long ago. Legions of costly, time-sink problems that are easily, cheaply solved on the local level. My ABBs are still in a 75 mile cluster and that is too far apart. I'd love to read some remote hosting nightmares from other ABB hosts to help dissuade new hosts from a fool's errand.

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