HOW TO BE AN AIRBNB HOST FULL TIME!! (mathematical breakdown)

Hosting on Airbnb – HOW TO BE AN AIRBNB HOST FULL TIME!! (mathematical breakdown)

HOW TO BE AN AIRBNB HOST FULL TIME!! (mathematical breakdown)

Hosting on Airbnb

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What does it take to be a full time Airbnb host? In this video I break down how much money you need to invest, save, etc to leave your day in order to be a full time Airbnb host. This is just a basic breakdown and certainly there’s many factors, but this should get you thinking about goals to set. Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.


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Hosting on Airbnb

HOW TO BE AN AIRBNB HOST FULL TIME!! (mathematical breakdown)

35 thoughts on “Hosting on Airbnb – HOW TO BE AN AIRBNB HOST FULL TIME!! (mathematical breakdown)

  1. And there's 30.4 days in a month on average, not 30. That's an important number in your calculations so you should be precise to at least one decimal point.

  2. Richard. Where can I find the AirBNB rental probability on some areas/zip code. My first existing property im concidering to convert from annual rental to AirBNB is in zip code 33624. Tampa area

  3. I been renting 3 houses annually in South Florida, and been trying to find the guts to move on in the AirBNB territory. Your video gave me the push. I'm a Telecom engineer during the day, and very cautious Real Estate investor in the Weekend.. THANK YOU.

  4. Excellent video! I just found your channel and the videos are very informational which led me to subscribe! I do have a question. How are you getting a fixed 30 year mortgage as an investor? Currently, I have 1 long term rental, and 1 long term rental that I'm in the process of buying. For both of these, I obtained a conventional, owner occupied loan however, my lender doesn't question what the buyer does with their property after it's bought, so that works for me. But investing in an Airbnb, I'm doing this with a friend so that conventional owner occupied loan approach might not work. Any suggestions or personal experience on how to obtain a 30 year fixed mortgage?

  5. Or you could just rent the property out and then put it on Airbnb instead of buying the whole thing. Way cheaper and you can purchase more properties faster resulting in more profit.

  6. We have two bedrooms to b and b but my hubby snores…how do people handle that ? Or renters who snore..? Weird question but since most people snore these days what do you do?

  7. I’ve looked into this and I am considering an interest only loan after putting 20% down. This would make my payment really low and increase cash flow. I would also take that cashflow and save it to buy another asset quicker and cover the next 20%. I already own a personal home. Really dont care to pay down the note on the investment properties as long as they are cash-flowing. I can always pay into the principle if I choose to. Good video.

  8. I am a RN in the Hudson valley region of New York. While I love my primary job, I always wanted to own my own business. I would like to find a home for my family and I was thinking maybe we could pay some of the mortgage with Airbnb. What are your thoughts? Where should I start? Thank you

  9. I’ve been thinking about getting into this my problem is a House is a liability and one with no immediate cash flow if I can find a way to sublease all the rental properties then eventually move to multi-unit properties I big deals big dreams one day….

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