The WORST experience with an AirBNB host | Málaga, Spain

Hosting on Airbnb – The WORST experience with an AirBNB host | Málaga, Spain

The WORST experience with an AirBNB host | Málaga, Spain

Hosting on Airbnb

We had the worst AirBNB experience EVER in Málaga: aside from several other small issues, we found cameras in our bedrooms. The host denied that they were cameras and said they were only motion sensors, but I later found the exact model and confirmed my worst fears: they were cameras. This is the story of what happened next and how AirBNB handled it. We also include some safety tips to avoid having the same thing happen to you while booking through AirBNB.

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Hosting on Airbnb

The WORST experience with an AirBNB host | Málaga, Spain

28 thoughts on “Hosting on Airbnb – The WORST experience with an AirBNB host | Málaga, Spain

  1. Wow! I am never staying in anymore airbnbs. I never feel comfortable in them. Always feel watched. Too many issues w airbnbs in general from judgemental hosts creating awkward stays or suspected hidden cameras in the apt.

  2. Oh boy, thats nothing lol…
    Be glad you survive.
    Many airbnbs are illegally made out of garages, not approved by or inspected…I don't even want to start about electric wiring and plumbing…but many americans prefer to safe few bucks, don't think… Not sure what guarantee of safety does airbnb provide, or demands permits from people who rent..
    But hey…good price for adventure. Or adrenaline sport 😉

  3. What did Airbnb pay you to tell this beautifull story What Airbnb payed you to promote their scam and put this promo 30 dollar Better look on Airbnbhell Airbnb treats guests and specilly host as shit They buy political influence and they distroy communities All visitors that used Airbnb in Holland can get money back from Airbnb In a trial the judge conclused that these crooks were not honest.Claim your money it is free it is no cure no pay

  4. This totally sucks. I've had nothing but good experiences with AirBnb locations except for 1, but the company took care of it.

    The only place I'll accept a security camera inside the location is if it's facing the front door. And only the front door. In bedrooms that's creepy and dirty and what if you have little kids in the room other people watching little kids sleep or whatever. Ugh! I'd be uncomfortable too.

    Sounds like AirBnb did the right thing for you.

  5. If you're worried about hidden cameras and stuff and you ever rent ANYWHERE use the app "Fing".

    It scans for devices using the WiFi you're on. You should see a router, whatever you've connected, any Smart devices you can see… and that's it. Anything else, contact the host immediately.

    Gives me good piece of mind.

  6. Lol imma stick to hotels, seriously I just couldn’t deal with being in some random persons house… I just couldn’t

    And knowing my luck I’d end up getting buffalo bill from silence of the lambs “it puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again”

    And those are motion detectors…… they are motion activated cameras lol

  7. I booked an accommodation for Aug 29th the day I fly in before my cruise. And based on the reviews, it looks like a shitty place hearing from others that most linens are soiled, 1.5 bathrooms to share among 12 guests and the cohost is completely high. This is my first time booking an airbnb and I would like to pretend that some of these reviews are just people bluffing. But I will post the link to what I booked here This is one of the rooms and it says bed and breakfast and some of the rooms are hostel accommodations. People describe it as a hostel accommodation across the board. I am wondering if I should worry, and take a 50% refund minus the service fee and book a better accommodation or if I should stick this one out and cross the bridge provided my cruise still happens August 30th with current scenarios. By the way, I am sorry about the experience you had.

  8. A/C not a problem, soap not a problem, niceties not a problem (trips are not perfect), the camera that is a huge game changer. Now if the property is not as advertised I would try to change the next day if possible but the cameras are unacceptable that moment that is just very unethical.

  9. Cameras inside of an Airbnb are a total no-no in my opinion, whatever the type and reasons for having them. And so are active speakers. Both give off a very creepy vibe to me. But quite a lot of people seem to think that being potentially (or even clearly) surveilled is just something one must accept as a fact of life, which I find incredible.

  10. My family and I stayed at a Airbnb in LA and it was one bathroom short than posted and it was dirty and had roaches!! They never refunded our money back!! So annoyed and will never use Airbnb again

  11. Those are security cameras with motion detection. When you leave the house and activate them, the motion sensor triggers the camera to take 5 pictures (A light will turn on). They are not video cameras. We have the same in our business and homes. You have to research before talking shit about something you have absolutely no idea about.

  12. In my case Airbnb backed the host even though I proved to them the host didn't have all he was promising and even worst; they let him to put a review on my profile saying Airnbnbs are not hotels.

  13. Urgh, sorry to hear that. I've been to Scotland two years ago and had just the WORST experience as well. Our host didn't show up until well after two hours after we got there, the apartment itself wasn't clean at all and – worst part – the appartment was for sale and they let people see it while we were there!! It was my first Air BNB experience and I never, EVER want to go to one ever again to be honest!

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