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  1. I had created a S3 bucket in Mumbai Region having object of size 512.8 KB . While creating the bucket there was no option of selecting the region . It was just showing S3 bucket doest require region selection .
    But in billing section it it showing
    S3 bucket Tier 1 in Mumbai Region and
    S3 bucket Tier 2 in N.Virginia region.
    What should I do ?
    Please reply

  2. Need to understand what the free tier is and not. and please read rules and conditions. Also do not forget to set the email address by which Amazon will notify you when you exceed limits. This will certainly save you from getting bills. Finally, understand what you are doing.

  3. Thanks for the details. In my case I would like to run a windows 24×7 where my database and other stuffs ate continuously running non stop for the entire year and will never be stopped and started in between. Will I be charged for this too?

  4. Thank You, now I have just one question – If I keep just a single instance open (without ever closing it) Then I should be able to run it 24×7 for 1 entire year, right?

    Because I will be staying within my free quota of 750 hours per month. If not, then what am I missing?

  5. Sir, I am running an Instance. It's low to moderate speed. I have to install mt4 reading platform and an EA, this EA works on vps with latency less than .3 ms. Is it available in my Instance? How can I upgrade the connection speed?

  6. came here after my 4 instance clocked 655/750 hrs in last day of nov 2020 and amazon send me a mail that crossing that limit will be charged. Thanks You
    So basically you can run one EC2 instance for a month and will have few more hours for testing?

  7. Guys he's giving wrong info. I Got bills even of 10lakhs, but Amazon will mail you that Pay Your Remaining Dues ,and if you dont pay the bill ,Amazon will just suspend your account, I'm using Amazon Aws since 3years, so dont blv him, if you want proof i can send you, Amazon will just ask you to pay bill and if you don't ,they will suspend your account ,they don't have the authority to charge your cards on Free Trials

  8. I am just 15 years old I don't know about netbanking I build a web app and I want to launch in aws it's asking me card if I give debit card and if I don't pay the bill will they take automatically from my bank?

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