How to deploy your Vuejs app to AWS S3 - FREE

Hosting on Aws – How to deploy your Vuejs app to AWS S3 – FREE

How to deploy your Vuejs app to AWS S3 – FREE

Hosting on Aws

Get starting point with AWS by deploying your Vuejs App to AWS S3. This is a step by step video on how to deploy your Vuejs application to AWS S3 for free.

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🗣️Transcript 🗣️:
what’s up folks welcome back to another
video on this channel, this is where we help you become a
full stack developer if this is your
first time definitely consider
subscribing this is an entire series on
how to deploy react angularjs
application to Amazon s3 and also we’re
gonna walk you guys through on how to
create the custom domain and everything
set up so definitely make sure you watch
the entire playlist but in this video
we’re gonna walk you guys to on how to
deploy a Vuejs application in AWS S3
before you start you need to have an
AWS account and also have an
understand what AWS S3 is what without any
further ado let’s get our hands dirty so
first thing first make sure you navigate
to this website and then once you are on
here make sure you go type here you can
search for s3 and click on s3
I’m gonna go here and create
a bucket a bucket is something we can
store a lot of documents into it now the
name need to be globally unique across
Amazon so I’m gonna name this one
something like YouTube Vuejs
bucket and make sure you select a region
that is closer to your end consumers for
example wherever you think people using
your application the most make sure you
select that region that is close to them
once that’s done make sure you click on
create button right here and ladies and
gentlemen your bucket is created now
check this out right here this
bucket is not public the goal is we want
to make this bucket publicly available
how can we do that in order for us to do
that we need to click on the bucket once
you clicked on it you need to go on
their permission and on their permission
make sure that you are on there where it’s
said block public access and I’m gonna
click the edit button right here and
once I click that one make sure you
uncheck this box this will allow your
bucket to go public once that’s done
click Save and type confirm and click
confirm and now this bucket becomes
publicly available the next step is we
need to attach a bucket policy into our
bucket so wherever it said bucket policy
make sure you click on it right here in
a bucket policy is something that can
limit certain actions inside our bucket
one example is it can deny or allow
access for people to read things inside
our bucket but for the sake of this we
want everybody to be able to read things
inside our bucket so we’re gonna copy a
bucket policy that I already have so if
you head over this URL here
you’ll have this policy already
available for you so all you need to do
is copy this policy and go back to your
Amazon and paste it right here all we
need to do in this case is wherever
that we source them right here we’re
going to replace this bucket name with
the bucket name that we have in my case
my bucket name is equal to YouTube Vuejs
s3 bucket we’re gonna copy this name and
we place wherever I have bucket name
right here we place it with my actual
bucket name in order to make it public
and this store is saying alright we want
everybody to access everything that is
inside this bucket once that’s done make
sure you click Save and ladies and
gentlemen our bucket now is public to
verify this is public if I go back into

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Hosting on Aws

How to deploy your Vuejs app to AWS S3 – FREE

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  1. Hi, the first time I followed the tutorial I was able to host my vue site. But the second (and many more:P) time – I did everything similar – I keep getting a response from my browser that the site doens't load. Do you have any idea how that is possible?

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