32 thoughts on “Hosting on Aws – How to Host Your Website for free – Amazon Free Tier on AWS

  1. You'd be better off getting a used hp dl 380 g7 server and host your site with ubuntu or linux at home, the setup hassle is same with aws but the benefit is that you save money on the long run.

  2. Does anyone happen to know how to download the “zip file containing your website”? When I typed ‘wget’ I was given the message ‘wget: missing URL’.

  3. I tried this step and bought one domain and pointed it in Route53 .Whenever I am browsing my domain name it is connecting to the home page of my website perfectly. But, if I am clicking on any content in the web page, or opening a new page in the website, my url is automatically changing to the ec2 address(public dns address) not like domainname/newpage.php. I tried to change the host name of the machine.But that is not helping. Please help me.

  4. This has to be the worse instructions ever. This guy seems nice but he assumed EVERYONE watching this has his level of knowledge or prior experience with AWS.
    It was too fast
    Nothing was explained in terms of where to get all of that stuff he was pasting.
    I just wasted 11:16 mins of my life.

  5. So, what if I have my own web app that I want to host on here? You just used wget to get a free one from AWS. How can I get my files from my PC uploaded to my EC2 instance?

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