5 Things Every Turo Host Needs!

Hosting on Turo – 5 Things Every Turo Host Needs!

5 Things Every Turo Host Needs!

Hosting on Turo

As usual guys, these are the tool that worked best for ME. If you are curious of purchasing any of these, amazons links below!


Stanley Electric Pressure Cleaner

Foam Cannon

Ozone Air Cleaner

MotoSafety GPS

Lock Box

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Hosting on Turo

5 Things Every Turo Host Needs!

4 thoughts on “Hosting on Turo – 5 Things Every Turo Host Needs!

  1. I had a situation with Turo that I want to share. last year on June I rented out a convertible Mustang To a girl, she came and took the car, everything was OK. three days later I receive a call from a highway patrol officer, my car was involved in a hit and run. They located me because someone took the license plate onformation. Ay Have The Police Find The car because I have GPS tracker. I went to the site to see what happen with the car, it had damge in the front bumper, But my surprise was that another person was driving the car, a guy instead of the girl that went to pick up the car.
    After he returned the car, I called Turo and the insurance To care of the car damages but yesterday I received a call from the older person insurance, claiming for the damages to the other car, I told them that the Turo Insurance should take care of it and they replied: Touro won’t take care of the damages since it was other person driving the car instead of their customer. Now A recipe is claiming for $3400 in damages. Of course I am not using Turo anymore

  2. I def agree with smoking part. I told my first renter no smoking and when she brought it back…It smelled like weed and she put black ice to cover the smell I'm sure. it didnt smell it first when dropped it off because the door was open I guess. But I didnt charge her for a smoking fee because it wasnt on the spot and I honestly didnt have a way to prove she smoked in it. Its been like a week since and it still smells like weed. Ordering that ozone cleaner today to see if it helps.


  3. Thank you, sir! I'm thinking of buying a mustang convertible 2018-2019 and add on turo. The car should pay itself I believe. I'm here in Miami/FL. Do you get an average of at least 10 days per month in each vehicle?

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