Building a Car Rental Fleet on Turo (Partners WANTED)

Hosting on Turo – Building a Car Rental Fleet on Turo (Partners WANTED)

Building a Car Rental Fleet on Turo (Partners WANTED)

Hosting on Turo

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Hosting on Turo

Building a Car Rental Fleet on Turo (Partners WANTED)

20 thoughts on “Hosting on Turo – Building a Car Rental Fleet on Turo (Partners WANTED)

  1. BMW 428 xDrive Gran Coupe (4-door), I'm in San Diego, 1 hour south from Irvine (as you may already know). My car's pretty popular here in the San Diego area, if you're interested in expanding to the area and pairing up with me.

  2. Hi Saimah. I have a fleet of basic commuter cars in Phoenix, AZ. Let me know if you have any interest in developing a partnership in the Phoenix market.

    Question for you — when does the renter's insurance kick in? If the renter purchases insurance and there is damage to the car, will their insurance kick in first before the host's protection plan?

    Just discovered your channel. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Saimah, thank you for all of your generous educational videos. I am very impressed with your success and willingness to include others.

    I am just starting out, can locate anywhere, can finance any type of vehicle to make a partnership viable.

    I’d love to connect with you and speak more about it.

  4. You mite think so, however you dont need to partnership with anyone. Your to smart to partner with anyone. Maybe another avenue to invest in outside of turo. Only one you should partner with is " maybe " a future spouse.

  5. Hi Saimah,

    Long time viewer, finally got started myself on Turo late last year; working to expand this year.

    Now, I know you say OC exclusively but I’m actually pleasantly surprised by this video because I was planning to do the same and seek other hosts out to partner with. Specifically because my wife and I are close to LAX and mainly cater to travelers flying in and out. We do a VIP experience where I meet the guest at baggage claim, provide them free welcome refreshments, directions and a map of places I recommend to eat through a Google map.

    Long term I think we can build a network of partner hosts and possibly offer one way trips such as LA to SD or even as some other hosts I have seen have LA to San Francisco. I already have a close friend in Vegas, but it would be more ideal to have a Turo partner host, maybe I can convince him to get on Turo (he does have a corvette). Let me know if you are interested or would just like to connect We’re open to new connections and look forward to building any mutually beneficial business relationships.

  6. Hi Saimah! I’m in Costa Mesa, next door to Irvine. Right now I have a 2017 Ford Fusion Titanium on the platform. I would love to partner up with you. Or if I can add any kind of value to your operation just let me know.

  7. Saimah, I definitely would if I was in the area, but I’m down in San Diego. I still have the Maserati now, and it’s going great since my start in November, my business strategy is stealing customers but I’m looking to get a Mercedes CLA for Turo and do the same thing.

  8. Hi Saimah! I just expanded my Turo from 1 to 2 cars and the continuity of rentals i great! However i'm in the Bay Area right by SFO. I wonder if hosts co-host/collaborate when they are not in the same area.

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