Do Turo Host Make 36% ?

Hosting on Turo – Do Turo Host Make 36% ?

Do Turo Host Make 36% ?

Hosting on Turo

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Hosting on Turo

Do Turo Host Make 36% ?

21 thoughts on “Hosting on Turo – Do Turo Host Make 36% ?

  1. I had a Turo host tell me he is only making 17$ per day off a car I was renting. I was taken aback. His statement didn't flow with the conversation. I was like ok, and you are telling this because?

    I have different question entirely. I don't care what the platform or host are making. It's none of my concern. If I want to set-up a corporate account for a host cars through Turo do I contact the host or the platform.

    I want to rent several hybrids e g. Toyota Prius 365 days a year. I would need 50 cars ready to go. The host would need to acquire more hybrids quickly to satisfy an ever growing demand. Obviously I cannot expect the host to have that many vehicles ready to go on a moments notice. Host could acquire fleet of hybrids with loan if I can secure account with d.elivery buisness. I would secure the account first, before contacting the host or platform.

    Do I contact the host or the platform. I do not want to be a player in the car renting buisness. I'm not interested in cutting out the middleman e.g Turo to rent directly from host. The host and platform combine to form the perfect supplier for the delivery buisness account I want to secure.

    Who do I contact? The host or platform. Or the host via platform, the platform via host?

  2. Yes, my experience as well. On 40 60 plan I get about 1/3 of what Turo makes. Insane! And we are the ones with the asset/ liability and when issues happen we talk to minimum wage people in the Philippines.
    My questions. Do guests pay for instant booking? Why do some pick that where I dont confirm the trip, gs others I can accept or deny a trip. As I dont make money on Insta book and it's my inconvenience to rush on that. Anyone know the guest side on that?

  3. Saimah thanks for making turo videos, I am thinking about financing a 2015-2018 bmw 428i convertible and become a host on Turo in Washington DC, I have rented one in Boston I paid around 140 per day, I did some calculation with drop off and other fees Host made about 100-120 a day from me, as a professional turo host wanted to ask your opinion on should I do this and is the car I mentioned is a good choice? Hope to get a reply, since I always watch and like your videos 🙂

  4. You need atleast 5+ income generating cars to handle the cost burden. People don't realize that Renters put a serious wear and tear on your car's drive train, tires, not just the body. I would estimate that most Turo cars do not last more than 2 years, you would have to dump it at the right time to avoid a costly repair such as a transmission or suspension part when renters frequently drive through bad potholes or muddy water on bad rainy days. Cars with over 300HP is vulnerable to transmission problems if renters decide to often launch your car from a stop. So each car I would estimate has a wear and tear about $700 each year from tires, brake pads, rotors, and oil changes. You have to make atleast $4000+ on this car each year just to float these cars without major damage.

    My problem has been that Turo does a terrible job screening drivers. Which is why I stop renting out particular cars that attracts bad drivers. If I get any shady renter request, I turn them down. Just not worth the cost.

  5. I had rent outside Turo in the past but it takes few really bad and costly experiences to mess you up. I have this guy that rent my 2018 Camaro 2SS for a month for $3500 Great deal right? Not. He sold my car illegally to a 21 year old for $16K cash. My Camaro was recovered by Orange County CHP after the buyer went to the DMV and find out that the title was fake.
    I got lucky and got the car back. When I try to claim to my insurance my claim was denied flat out, because there saw my car on Turo and anyone who rents and gets paid for the rental of their personal car. The insurance 100% can denied the coverage. Other experiences from outside Turo were small incidents like smoking weed or small dents, scratches, excessive tire wear, that you will never be able to collect. Stick with Turo. My 2 cents.

  6. If turo took the traditional rental car approach and required the renters to have their own insurance we could pass that liability off to them and hosts would be able to keep much more. Turo is just greedy and is making a killing.

  7. Unfortunately for Turo if they don’t start paying their hosts more they will start to realize they aren’t making money and Turo will canablize itself. I have 6 cars on the platform and have 30k in revenue since February and I know I’m definitely in the red considering depreciation and expenses.

  8. Turo is definitely charging too much right now. If someone comes out and undercuts them and provides the same level of service Turo will be toast. Turo service for hosts is awful if you ask me.

  9. I’m looking to start a Turo business in California currently and hearing this is kinda a turn off… seems like Turo takes a huge cut from everything while Host take a minimum… then again we don’t know their business expenses.. but I do feel like host should look into this more to find out the truth because we are a large part of the business and it wouldn’t be fair to always take a minimum cut

  10. It seems that there are two issues here. The first one being the % that Turo make on a booking & the second the company's relationship with hosts. I think the amount Turo decides to take per transaction is, in general terms, quite reasonable, bearing in mind that they provide the business platform & most hosts wouldn't be doing P2P car-sharing if Turo didn't exist. And secondly, as you pointed out Saimah, they are liable for insurance cover which, as you mentioned, gives hosts peace of mind, not to mention how uneconomical it could become if hosts were required to take out their own insurance cover: imagine having to deal with these issues on your own! Regarding the second point, I firmly believe that a more transparent business relationship between Turo and hosts would be an improvement & in the long-run possibly avoid so many hosts leaving the platform and setting up independently.

  11. Turo definitely is killing hosts. It cant cost that much to acquire a customer…Also the host deductible is a scam also. The fees are bs also. How do you take part of the delivery fee if you dont cover cars on deliveries? I host on Turo but I understand they are screwing me. Thats why I am starting direct rental. If you have deposits on cars and the renters have insurance or buy insurance it is not that hard. You dont even have the ability to screen your renter. Why does Turo put your car at risk with a young renter but not share any of the young renter fee?

    Once you figure in Turo's cut, depreciation, time, maintenance, insurance, and taxes alot of hosts arent really profiting like they think they are..

  12. You also have not spoken about the tax-deductible standard mileage rates for the use of a car, van, pickup, or panel truck that are 50 cents per mile for business miles driven.

    After taking off this business mile driven of 50 cents per mile as a business expense you will definitely end up being in the red or close to the red loss line. This fact is a very disappointing profit margin.

    Sorry I did not want to interfere in your business I just had to add my two cents in.

    I have been watching your channel for a long time. I was considering being a Turo Host. But I changed my mind because I looked at what Turo was receiving as a cut. And then looking at the deduction of reducing the mileage expenses at 50 cents per mile that the rental is driving the car. This bottom-line figure does not leave you at a decent profit. In most cases, renting your car out will be a loss. In many cases, the amount of money that you receive to rent a car will not give you a profit after taking off the 50 cents per mile for miles driven and then deducting Turo's charges.


  13. I think there is alot that we don't know such as Turo's profit loss margins. Is this any different from any other company? The employee or contractor only knows so much in terms of how much the company they work or contracted for makes. The only thing they know is the compensation that they agreed to do the work. Is it crazy that Turo is making a killing compared to us? Yes, but what difference does that make? We agreed to Turo's terms and if we don't like it then we have the ability to get out. It's our choice to determine if we think this is worth it or not. I have come to realize that what determines our profitability in Turo is determined by our accounting.
    Lastly, I think I might find even more crazy that guests are willing to pay double the day rate. That to me might be more eye-opening.

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