Don’t be a Turo Host

Hosting on Turo – Don’t be a Turo Host

Don’t be a Turo Host

Hosting on Turo

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Hosting on Turo

Don’t be a Turo Host

23 thoughts on “Hosting on Turo – Don’t be a Turo Host

  1. Saimah, if you take your business exp and go into real estate you'll do even better. It is a far more less stressful experience than dealing with the nitty gritty issues of car rental business.

  2. I am looking into buying myself a model 3 tesla with autopilot. Do you think its worth it for me to list my tesla 3? I live in LA county. I do have another car that I could use. I was only considering renting the car in the weekends.

  3. On the topic, of insurers canceling or denying policies….insurance companies cannot deny or cancel your policies.

    Here is the Assembly Bill (proposed law change):

    Here is the current law (in effect since 2011):

    Here is the info of Turo's website:

  4. So a very important point about the insurance: If you are delivering you car to a renter on Turo, as a host, you are only granted liability coverage from Turo. Your personal coverage technically will not cover any "commercial" related activities. Since you are being paid to deliver the car, this qualifies as a commercial activity! Need to be very careful!

  5. Turo insurance is bad when you look at the numbers. In Oregon you have to find commercial insurance. Which gets expensive. And if your not renting a vehicle out enough to cover the cost your losing money. Every market is much different though.

  6. thanks for the info, great video! I'm a host in south florida, same problems here with insurance, last week I called every company, I have 12 cars, every company declined me, progressive will end my policy in 2 months and won't renew, not sure what to do.

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