No More 5 Star Host On Turo

Hosting on Turo – No More 5 Star Host On Turo

No More 5 Star Host On Turo

Hosting on Turo

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Hosting on Turo

No More 5 Star Host On Turo

17 thoughts on “Hosting on Turo – No More 5 Star Host On Turo

  1. I searched cars in my area and one host had 60 trips with a 5.0 rating. That 5.0 rating won't last for long, because some guests will only give 4 stars no matter how good the host/car are during the trip…

  2. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. From personal experience when I was selling on Amazon, I would notice as long as you high high ratings you’re good. For example, I’d rather buy. Product on amazon with 1000+ review with a 4.99 rating as opposed to a product with 2 reviews with 5 star ratings. I really believe that if you are indeed offering a 5 star service you’ll be fine.

  3. I have a question for you since you have a bigger fleet!
    In the past two years I have been doing standard mileage deduction for my cars and only had 4 cars. 
    This year I have 6 total cars.
    Two of them are in one LLC and the rest I have in my name.
    Since you have a large amount of cars… 
    Do you put 4 cars in each LLC to keep standmilage deduction? Or is that an option from your experience?
     Or does itemizing work best for you?

  4. I know why Turo has done this. The previous system would let someone who had 20% of their business rated less than 5 stars still have a 5 star rating. When customers do a search and see nothing but 5 star hosts, they don't trust the ratings. But I think a decimal rating to the hundredth is excessive, they should break it down to full stars and quarter stars, so you have 5 star, 4.75 star, 4.5 star and so on. This allows for those occasional 4 star reviews where no matter what you've done, the renter didn't think everything was absolutely perfect. A quarter star system would only affect your overall rating if 5% or more of your rentals were less than 5 stars, which I think would be fair. What's the best way for hosts to contact Turo and give feedback like this?

  5. I think it should be made that after a certain amount of reviews an “outlier” of a bad review can be “ hidden” from the weighted rating. Get Turo to change its ratings.

  6. I feel like it’s a way of them forcing you to get new cars. A new car on the platform can easily hold 5 star up until a certain point. This company starting to do some dirty stuff lol

  7. I think it might affect you (only slightly) in the short term, but once the renters get accustomed to the rating system and over time as more of those 5 star hosts get 4 star ratings it really won't matter anymore.

  8. Turo is becoming about as bright as an eclipse. Not proactive for the hosts just reactive to the public only. They aren’t that popular and they’re killing the few avenues that may be available to them.

  9. It’s petty on them, you would think they want to make money with more consumers. For me its been a pain trying to rent a car from Turo, I didn’t know but I had to submit 7+ years of driving records just to rent a F-Type.

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