Should I Rent Out A Tesla On Turo?

Hosting on Turo – Should I Rent Out A Tesla On Turo?

Should I Rent Out A Tesla On Turo?

Hosting on Turo

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Hosting on Turo

Should I Rent Out A Tesla On Turo?

21 thoughts on “Hosting on Turo – Should I Rent Out A Tesla On Turo?

  1. Question, I am in a small town between to airports and at the border of Mexico. On Turo in my area there are only 6 cars available for rent in a 200 mile radius. No Teslas. Would it be a smart idea to start renting one out here?

  2. Used tesla model s 2016~2017 with autopilot 2 from official tesla goes 45k ish rents out for 200 ish. Pretty good return. Also don’t need to worry about anything mechanical.. and battery warranty comes for 8yr unlimited mileage for models year before 2019.

  3. My youtube girlfriend lol, i come on here to take notes on how well she articulates. Normally, woman this beautiful try to use their beauty to distract you from their shyness and inabilities but beauty and brain is very scarce to admire.

  4. You can test drive a Tesla for 1-2 days for free and people are dumb enough to rent Tesla on Turo for like $150/day, what a joke. How do I know that? Because I own a Tesla and have gotten free test drive from Tesla and eventually buying one.

  5. I have been thinking about adding a model Y to our Turo garage also. The C8 and Model Y are interesting to me right now. The light suv market has seemed good on Turo, the popularity of anything Tesla, and the newest Tesla being the model Y seems to make it a decent buy.

  6. Looking at the prices I’m glad I stopped Turo when they raised their insurance rates. “Just raise your prices” doesn’t seem to be what’s going on. The hosts are losing.

  7. Model 3 is the least expensive Tesla, generally speaking. The car kicks @ss and drives like a Tesla. Many people actually prefer it over the Model S because of the somewhat smaller and more compact size.

  8. I pretty much only rent plug-in electric vehicles on Turo with the rare exception. I told a fellow Turo host and Tesla owner I was thinking about booking his Ferrari F430 and he says, "You don't want to do that…it's just going to make you like your Tesla more."

  9. My model 3 has always benefited from high interest and high demand on Turo. The majority of my renter's are interested in buying a Tesla in the future and want to make sure they are OK with the charging etc. As transportation moves more toward green options, I expect a huge spike in demand on Turo from future Tesla owners. Right now, Tesla has about 2.5% of the market, but in the next several years, I believe it will be closer to 15-20%.

  10. Tesla one of those cars people are curious about and are not very easily available for rent in your conventional rental car place and if it is available it’s not at a decent price. I use turo to rent vehicles I normally wouldn’t find in my average rental car place.

  11. I think Tesla is a good choice but there looks like there is a lot of competition. One factor maybe to consider is how reliable a car is (for your ongoing costs) along with the luxury image also important. I wonder how Lexus SUVs and Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Sequoia would perform rental wise…. they are super super reliable and tough.

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