This $3,300 Car Has Made Over $15,000 on Turo | Here's How

Hosting on Turo – This $3,300 Car Has Made Over $15,000 on Turo | Here's How

This $3,300 Car Has Made Over $15,000 on Turo | Here's How

Hosting on Turo

Today, I am going to be talking about how a car I paid $3,300 for has made over $15,000 on Turo in the course of 2 years. Let’s begin!
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Turo is a peer to peer car sharing app, similar to Airbnb but for cars. I have been a host on the Turo platform for nearing 3 years now and I have over a dozen cars on the Turo platform. I am an All-Start Host, a Power host, and I was recently interviewed by the Turo team – you can check out that interview HERE:

I have been able to find my success with Turo through the lower end, affordable and reliable cars and one of the best examples of this is my 2009 Toyota Yaris, which has grossed over $15,000 over the 2 years I have owned it. The best part is, it only cost me $3,300 to buy this car.

But, that begs the question of why does this $3,300 car does so well on Turo? I have a few theories as to why.

First is my market – I live in Dallas, Texas – so small, compact cars can be driven all year round. I would suspect that a car like a Yaris would not do as well in markets like Utah, Colorado, or any other place with a cold climate. The reason is, you have to have a car in the winter to accommodate winter elements, but in Dallas, the weather is very consistent so, there is never the issue of having to drive through sleet, snow, or ice.

Next is my customers – 95% of my customers are people looking for a cheap and reliable car to get them from point A to point B – these people don’t need something fancy, they don’t want something that is expensive in gas, they simply want something affordable and fuel efficient. In fact, I have in the past (when issues arise) offered to switch guests from my Toyota Yaris into my MUCH nicer 2011 Jeep Wrangler only to be denied this switch because the guest did not want to have to pay for the excess gas used in the 2011 Jeep Wrangler.

Price is the #1 factor when it comes to why people rent my cars, and the Yaris does a great job of providing a solid car at a cheap price, with amazing fuel economy.

Lastly is the customer service – 95% of my customers are people looking for cheap cars, but 100% of my customers are people looking for good customer service, reliability, and communication. Nearly 30% of all my renters are repeat renters, and this is the case because I make sure to provide a consistent and positive experience each and every time a renter rents from me.

The Toyota Yaris is also cheap to maintain and repair – the repair costs/parts on a Yaris compared to a Jeep Wrangler for example are often 50% of the price. Tires on a Yaris cost about $200 for tires, mounting, and balancing. While doing this same thing for the Jeep costs over $800.

There are definitely pros and cons to renting a Yaris – it certainly isn’t a sexy car and it’s not a particularly fun car to own. But it’s an extremely cost-effective way to get into Turo and start making a decent return on your investment in a short period of time.

It’s reliable, very rarely has severe issues and when it does it is always relatively easy to fix.

In my experience with Turo, it isn’t so much of the car that you provide, but the service you provide with it. If you provide a car that is clean, reliable and you provide good customer service along with that, you will always have customers to rent from you – even if your cars are basic.

With that being said you guys, I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope it gave you some insight into the Turo business model and how I’ve been able to make $15,000 on Turo with a car that cost me just $3,300 to purchase.

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Hosting on Turo

This $3,300 Car Has Made Over $15,000 on Turo | Here's How

47 thoughts on “Hosting on Turo – This $3,300 Car Has Made Over $15,000 on Turo | Here's How

  1. Just curious where people pick the cars up. Im coming to Dallas to visit my daughter and looked for cars to rent on Turo, but it was $85-100 to have car delivered to airport making it same price range as regular rental. Where did you meet people when you had 1 car only? I'm thinking of starting myself when I get back home

  2. Great video! Subscribed your video. I want to Lear as much as l can. I been talking about Turo the last 2 years. Instead l Moved to the trucking business.
    I been doing good but it is very hard to find a good driver. So l want to move to invest in Turo. So how do l start? How did you start? Did you call them or email them?

  3. 4 cars in my fleet now. Also in Dallas. I agree, compacts and panel (moving) vas are best. People don't want to spend time at the pump. Only issue with van is it's lots of short rentals. blessings to the people!

  4. Turo is a SCAM my $70k Tesla got in a crash and it has been two months it is still in the tow yard Turo still have not taken care of it by now i cannot even get my car to the damn body shop
    dont be stupid like me rent it out on Turo

  5. Hi thanks for the video. My question is how you managed to rent it out over 650 times? How do you market your cars? Are you near an airport? Do you deliver and pick up? How do you price that?

  6. Hey wanted to ask you, I’m also in the Dallas market and have a Nissan Versa same thing very basic car, do you put the basic ness in the listing description or when they request the rental?

  7. So just want to make sure. I did the math and if you rented that car at 20.54 a day over 2 years and rented it every day you would make 15,000. So your saying you’ve pretty much rented that car out every day in those years right? I’m not calling you a liar I’m just interested in joining Turo and I want to make sure if I do buy a car it WILL rent

  8. Hey there – I am a host myself and I thought I was good at math, but I don’t get it. You got payed total of $15K in revenue in 24 months renting it at $23/day, which means, on average, you made $625 per months. Lets say you rented it at 23$/day, which means your Yaris was booked 27 days a months. Really? I am not counting Turo fees, anywhere between 15-40%. I am not counting 3+ days, 7+ days, 30+ days discounts, I am not counting repeat renter discounts. How is it possible?

    But I totally agree that older cars are the cash cows.

  9. Hello Aubrey! I love your videos! I didn't know about your Turo business. I have a quick question for you. How has business been since COVID-19? What extra steps do you have in place for sanitizing your car?

  10. I try understand how you make 15000$ in 2 year is mean 7500 per year and 625$ per mounth so if you rent the car for 20$ each day is mean 600 dollar every mount so the car was rentel every day for 2 years
    And i know turo take some money for the incuranse 85% or 70% so you not get all 625 dollar maybe 500$
    So i cumfuse what i miss

  11. Yes how do I join. I have an 2007 Nissan versa and and 2012 scion xb. I also want to buy another car. I'm not sure what as yet. I want to learn how to get on with turo

  12. I don't get why people buy a new $18K economy car and put it on Turo for $25 a day. I'm still renting my 2007 economy car for $24 a day. Purchase price on the 2007 car was $1600 + $400 in repairs. Yearly ROI on this car will be very high.

  13. Great video. Would love to see a video on your maintenance. I do as much maintenance as i can but im not a car guy so i often dont feel comfortable doing some thing as a turo host.

  14. Didn’t know you do Turo. I watch your videos for EIDL =).

    Any suggestions on the specialty vehicle hosting? We import 80s – 90s vehicles from Japan and looked into listing some vehicles with Turo before as some of these vehicles are popular and weren’t available for the the US market. One hiccup we ran into was that the vehicles have to be older than 1990 or so in order to be considered a “classic” rental.

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