Turo Forces Host’s To Exit

Hosting on Turo – Turo Forces Host’s To Exit

Turo Forces Host’s To Exit

Hosting on Turo

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Hosting on Turo

Turo Forces Host’s To Exit

28 thoughts on “Hosting on Turo – Turo Forces Host’s To Exit

  1. Have to disagree with you about Turo taking on any risk …they charge and profit from every possible scenario… based on data collected. The big risk is on the side of consumer and the host every step of the way. The only winner here is turo.

  2. lmao the fact people rent fancy cars to show off is funny and pathetic i dont let other people opinions dictate what i do or spend my money on ….the old saying keeping up with the jones aand fake it til you make it all that flashy showing off brings the attention of gold diggers and some more garbage

  3. New mile policy is double bad for us hosts. It wasn't enough that Turo jumped us from 100 miles to 200 miles. Also controlling the money we get from the additional miles.
    Example I have a 2018 Camaro SS manual transmission and I was doing fine with 100 miles per day. Now turo only allow me to charge 0.37 cents per mile instead of 0.75 cents. Terrible program that won't help hosts in any way.

  4. Race to the bottom: Owners of cars take the risk, depreciate their assets and Turo sets the price/rules/mileage. This is Uber except instead of the driver, it's the car that is being exploited. People who finance cars in order to run this business are going to be the bagholders when Turo forces the rule changes so THEY can be profitable but hosts will be forced to continue renting in order to meet their car note obligations. People who own their cars outright won't know what hit them until they go to sell the car and realize they are stuck holding something with no value that the rental income doesn't cover. Let alone "profit" based on the time required to clean /wash/ maintain cars.

  5. Only way to make money on Turo with all this bullshit happened, option 1 is buy some $3000 cars that barely meets the requirements and rent out for cheap minimum price. option 2 is list legit cars like 5series or E class for $200 a day

  6. Turo said my bmw x5’s and M4 isn’t consider as deluxe. While it has KBB value of $45k + they look at “trade in” aka rip off Value. Guess I’m done with Turo. I didn’t bitch about adding $250 deductible. But This 200 mileage bullshit is too much. Only way to profit on Turo is rent cars for $250 a day for BMW X5…

  7. Saimah, you just said something that does not make any sense. If Turo is moving forward to being a deluxe car rental company, why in the world are they always fighting with Enterprise and the other car rental companies? I don't see Enterprise being an exclusively higher end rental company any time soon. If Turo was moving to be a BMW or Porsche rental platform, then why should they care what Enterprise does? Why would Enterprise worry about Turo if they're not cutting into their business? I'd assume that Enterprise and Avis only have a small percentage of luxury cars as part of their fleet.

  8. You make a great point about Turo ‘becoming’ a premium or luxury brand rental service. However, if I’m not mistake, this was their model from the start but lost their way somewhere in the middle. Good to see them going back. I know some people are upset with these plans. Personally I see this is a great way to protect the host as well as the renter.

  9. $100!!!! Yikes for me that’s HORRIBLE… all of my cars are $250+ and I’m always sold out. I don’t get rentals that are days or weeks in advance but all my next day renters pay for the premium service, car, and ability to book at the last minute…

    Regarding the bunch of new hosts, bring them.. lol after they realize that folks destroy their cars, return them when they want etc and then Turo will play games when it’s time to pay up these folks will disappear like they always do in 3 months

  10. Definitely you misunderstood the risk assessment, Deluxe cars are more risky since it is very expensive to fix. If Turo wants to minizine the risk they would list cars with mileage less tan 60k for example and charge deposits.

  11. I just don't understand why Turo wants minimum 200miles/day. They said guests complained but all the guests see all the condition before they finalize booking. If they don't like the mileage, they can find another car.
    Why would they complain?

  12. I tried turo with 3 cars until my personal car was wrecked and I had to deal with turo insurance for the repairs. Took soo long and super difficult for my mechanic in Texas. I decided it is not for me

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