What To Know To Make Money On Turo

Hosting on Turo – What To Know To Make Money On Turo

What To Know To Make Money On Turo

Hosting on Turo

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Hosting on Turo

What To Know To Make Money On Turo

43 thoughts on “Hosting on Turo – What To Know To Make Money On Turo

  1. I was recently thinking about doing this as a business but I would only do it mainly with average cars like jeep wranglers and convertibles and large SUVs because that’s what rents out down here in South Florida. High mileage super clean late-model cars would definitely be a money maker guaranteed.

  2. I think you could rent Prius's and do ok . used ones. they never break and it not like you can damage anything in them. Hard to turn off traction control . Transmission is bulletproof. No clutches. or converters. electric reverse as well. Between time spent cleaning. depreciation and maintenance. idk if its worth 30 a day. LOL

  3. What business or money-making scheme is ever easy? lol. I mean even if you are selling port-a-potties there is the risk of being sued if some 600 pound guy fell down and caused the item to tilt over and dump shit water down the guy's throat… I appreciate that you are providing legitimate areas of risk to the general public, but none of this is quantified and certainly not relevant to the title of the video, considering if you never went into what to know to make money, only what to know to potentially not lose money. Hopefully in the future if you want to provide actual education on content like this, you would actually spend some time to research strategies for overcoming obstacles in this industry, instead of pointing out the obvious that any person who is seriously considering this would have already researched in 30 minutes googling.

  4. The one thing I like about turo will probably be a downfall. I've watched internet companies come and go over the past 20 years. I don't like how they control the Leads. Long-term another company will probably replace them. The only benefit is autopilot. They take care of all the details. But you make less Revenue. And I can tell you if I were to have three or four cars out front doing it myself with my state Licensing I would get fined. They solve that problem.

  5. You need to create an llc if you are planning on making money on turo. Between mileage, auto expenses(note, fuel, insurance, registration etc) and depreciation you will have possibly zero taxable income.

  6. This is one of the best reviews I've seen. New subscriber. I have a 3rd car that I contemplated putting on turo. They said it'd be $565/. Now add insurance, mileage, risk, maintenance and personal time to drop off the car, keep your reviews up and have a stranger drive your car! How much $ could you possibly make? & when you go to sell it you have to disclose that it was used as a rental. Ppl who use this service as a host are the same ppl that keep Payday loans in business.

  7. Turo is the worst company to do business on as a Host. They will jerk you left and right for every reason to not pay you when you're at no fault. In fact they will charge you for false "mislead information given". I have been a Host for a few years now and they have screwed me at least 5 out of 5 times when trying to go through their claim process. You're better off staying away from this company and finding another gig. I can say this with experience.

  8. I think a great way to use turo is to simply rent it every month only until youve paid for your lease/loan payment. Limits wear and tear and totally pays for the car. Best benefit to turo as a renter (customer) is that you can rent manual transmission cars. none of the major rental chains offer that.

  9. Create a LLC for car rentals and get commercial renters insurance, takes care of those issues. Turo, geataround or hyrecar are just the platforms that make people aware of your business that way, they get a cut for the marketing and facilitating the transaction the rest is just a legitimate business

  10. I they thing he forgot to mention was no you aren’t getting free money so you still have to work while renting your car. The money the car is making means that it’s less that you have to spend.

  11. so why didn't you say how to do it right its as if u do it and are steering people away you didn't give any options to do it obviously there is a way or else no one will do it

  12. About the maintenance expensive or repair costs.. this is why one should use the repair insurance called: get shield
    Which this insurance covers repair costs of a car while regular insurance covers accident repairs

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