45 thoughts on “Hosting on Turo – Why don't most Hosts on Turo Profit?

  1. So I have a bmw 528xi 2008 its in great condition with only 142,000 km. I had been trying to sell it for 8k however its tough these days to sell so I decided to put it up on turo and get my next vehicle. Even if i run It to the ground with anofher 80-100 k km I should recover all costs in rentals. Do you think its a good idea ? Turo takes a big chunk of each reservation though how to save on that ?

  2. Now I get your point of picking the right car. I don’t want you use the platform to make money but more so for affording my dream cars. I’m looking at popular cars in my area that get renting out. For the ones I love I’m leaning towards the m3 or corvette. What are your thoughts of my possible needs and wants for using Turo.

  3. Like all other "gig economy" scams, they let people make a little money up front and they slowly trim down until the people are making less than minimum wage or lose money.

  4. Pay a car off cash around $10k-$12k with the highest likelihood of being consistantly rented out. Do due dilligence on insurance premiums, how much turo charges etc. And come up with a conservative estimate of how many days per month the car will be rented and you can make quite a bit of money.

  5. i have 2017 ford fusion that im currently making payments one and i wanted to buy a "fun car" out right and then have the fusion constantly on the rent out market so it could possible pay for at least the payment of the fusion per month and if profit that would be cool. Mainly just wanna drive my fun car and not pay for the fusion at the same time, do you think torro would be a good fit for me?

  6. I made an excel sheet to track profit. Dm me if you want to check it out. I just started out and I have 3 vehicles. 2 listed, 1 was almost full time. Rented 15 days – $187 profit after finance charges, insurance, and maintenance. $450 in rental sales. I could have probably got a few more days on rentals if I had it available.

  7. Just bought a 2008 matrix for 3500$ CAD in august. So far I've made 2000$ CAD off it in 5 months. Absolutely no maintenance whatsoever except for 1 oil change which cost me 60$ CAD. Bought a 2007 mazda3 3 months ago for 650$ CAD which is in terrible aesthetic condition but the mechanics seem to be fine. Made 600$ off it in 3 months with 0 maintenance. I'm just 19 years old so this is serving me as great business experience as that is what I want to go in to in the future. Obviously I'm not going to get rich doing this.

  8. I have a 2014 Hyundai Elantra with 100,000 miles on it located near LAX in California. It's completely paid off, gets great mileage, and I don't use it often since I use the train to commute. Is turo a good option for this?

  9. This video would be more credible if you were able to break down your projected costs (active) and also the costs of the other Turo user who rents the luxury cars. Even if they are just estimates and not totally real numbers, your analysis is speaking from a speculative standpoint and I think you have done some research and math. I think you should show the math you've done to back up your opinions. Other than that, the video is solid and makes good points about using Turo. Keep it up!

  10. Speaking that truth. I am working on a video going over the numbers in my market here in Hawaii. With our unique market, we have a high demand and I am in profit most of the time but also not getting rich from it anytime soon!

  11. I have a 2016 Jeep Cherokee i don't use daily. 55000 miles 4×4 with the 8.4 uconnect. I bought it rite as a lease return. Payment is at $316 for 3 more years. What do think about that doing well on Turo?

  12. Hey Ben, just bumped into your channel.
    In Canada, Turo needs a 12 year older car or above.

    What if I get 3-4 cars that have alot of trips on Turo and 7-8 years older. In my area, Nissan Rogue seems to get alot of trips.
    Do you think it'll be profitable?

  13. What if the “guru” does an incredible business off of the Turo platform? What if Turo was his start and what if he learned/earned other inroads to the folks that can afford his cars? I know a guy here in Atlanta who has almost 3doz luxury cars and he has been killing it. Makes most of his money outside of the Turo app. In fact he invited me to come and meet him and to help him move some furniture and I was suddenly in the presence of Lamar Odem. Lamar is one of this guru’s “clients” and they clearly don’t use Turo any longer. And so what is that worth? That relationship and all the “spillage” that comes with it.?

  14. TURO absolutely RIPS OFF their hosts, and renters. Their "insurance" is worthless. They mark up everything, hide fees on the renter's side, and takes full advantage of their Hosts. Their take is way more than just 25% of the trips (or whatever they say they are taking based on your selection). In fact, I have had trips where I've seen the guests total and Turo takes more than double the trip fees I get. Things like underage drivers, they collect a fee for these high-risk drivers, and keep the fee without sharing any of it with Hosts who take all the risk renting to younger drivers. I have 3 cars including an economy car and 2 luxury cars that I rent on the side, not full time. 5-star host with 60 trips.
    Bottom line, TURO is a company that takes blatant advantage of people wanting to rent a vehicle. Most just don't realize it yet.

  15. You should recommend earning cash by using @t
    Its an AirBnb but for vehicles, bicycles, scooters , skateboards and even surfboards…. Yes you can earn good money by putting yours to rent! Safe and fast! Remember to register as a Host to put your stuff there!

  16. You have to do it the way thats not super sexy, at least when you start…auction cars under market value or used car deals at a discount…craigslist etc., owning the cars outright. All the other ways you aren't gonna make much, might pay a car not if you are financing that vehicle…but that's it, even then most people are paying to much for their cars with crazy ass APR%. Make money by putting cars out there that were cheap for you to buy outright , which many people cant do, they don't have the up front investment costs…but they can go to a dealership and finance a vehicle or lease. Only way to really make money the most efficient way is that up front investment in a below market value car. Once you get your return for the car that's when you start seeing real profit after expenses and taxes. I don't even do turo but I can see thats the best way to actually make money. Find a Kia or whatever under market value like say 4-5k, make sure it's in decent shape and mileage, put it out there until you get your initial investment back, keep it out there to profit build a fleet like that and potentially scale up to more expensive deals, it's kinda like real estate investing you make your money on the buy not the sell, a bad buy won't make you much and in some ways can maybe just offset the cost of a car note, which isn't a bad thing but you're right, that's what you'll get out of it, not a whole lot of cashflow. nah I don't think I'm interested, I have the money to start something like that, but until you can automate it, it's a full time job, keeping my money in ETF's for now. maybe consider it in a couple years. Thanks for the video.

  17. Just found out about Turo and trying to do research if it's worth it. Your opinion would be great. I drive a company truck during the week and my personal during the weekend. 2009 Ford fusion, 160000km on it in Calgary Alberta. Would it be worth it to rent it out during the week when it is not being used?

  18. Hey Ben. I've been renting my car out on turo and it's slowly getting better. All positive reviews. If I sell this car will I still keep the positive reviews when I update to a newer one?

  19. Like you said yourself, you have no numbers, no backup, so all I can see here is you just wanted to make a video regardless of the outcome. In a few words, you don't have any idea what you're talking about. Taking into consideration you're a host/renter, as you said, you still got lots to learn.

  20. Why do people want to make things so complicated:
    1. Buy a used car (cheaper, most of depreciation gone)
    2. Get a Camry or Corolla (Cheap to maintain, popular among renters, rarely breaks down)
    3. List on Turo
    4. Use the money you make on Turo to buy real estate and use the BRRRR strategy
    5. Quit your job while laughing at your co-workers and boss.
    6. Repeat steps 1-4 with additional car loans.

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