Hosting on Turo – Why RENTING YOUR CAR on TURO is a TERRIBLE IDEA!


Hosting on Turo

I have been renting my 2015 Corvette Stingray and 2014 Jaguar F-Type S V8 Convertible on Turo for over a year now, and it’s turned out to be an absolute nightmare. I’m losing money on the cars, Turo has horrible customer service, all of our cars have been damaged, and we have to deal with demanding customers that don’t respect our property.

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Hosting on Turo


45 thoughts on “Hosting on Turo – Why RENTING YOUR CAR on TURO is a TERRIBLE IDEA!

  1. As soon as the video started I could see a Ferrari in the garage, I am going to assume THAT & his house are both paid for because of Turo. He's lost money on those 2 cars yes BUT he's made a killing otherwise…

  2. So great, thanks for sharing, I was wanting to rent old rovers and jags on Turo. I was wanting to partner with someone too. Not now after watching this! Best of luck!

  3. Took uber and lyfts idea start out with decent deals then change the policy every week to not benefit you. Turo sucks. They sit behind the screen while you run down your car.

  4. Turo is a SCAM my $70k Tesla got in a crash and it has been two months it is still in the tow yard Turo still have not taken care of it by now i cannot even get my car to the damn body shop

    dont be stupid like me rent it out on Turo

  5. Oooh, i would be sick to my stomach with the first scratch. I can't imagine all 8 cars damaged. Uggghhhh!!! I am glad you are getting out. You'll be a peace and quite possibly happier. But do you think it would have turned out better if you didn't rent such a high end car?

  6. Turo has horrible customer service. When your car is damaged by customers, they pass it to a third party and try to avoid dealing with the problem. They charge really high fees, impossible to make money.

  7. I use Turo to lessen the damage caused by my car buying habit. I've been on it for 10 months and have generated a few thousand dollars plus their $500 travel credit promotion. It's been decent, but I have had damage and smoking in my cars that Turo reimbursed me for—for the most part.

  8. To me it sounds like Turo is not for you. I don’t use it but I know several people making high six figures with Turo. It’s not for me, after doing due diligence I would not do it.

  9. Bro ur video was so not needed I can’t believe I watch this whole thing all these problems except maybe 2 was all on u. Literally like I’m really feeling like u made this video just to make a video smh

  10. You said it, i live 15 minutes from heartsfeild Jackson international Airport! I have 2015 Taurus and a 2015 malibu. The total price of these cars is 11000 each. The scratches you showed will be nothing to me I'll keep renting until they are paid off

  11. A Turo driver or renter flipped a car over and damage my car. I have the police report, I filed a claim and no one from Turo has responded. I have the police report number and all of the Turo car information. I also have photos. I hope someone from Turo sees this. A MAJOR LAWSUIT. Not only that I will call the television news so they can air on national television what happened.

    I suggest someone from Turo contact me now. My car is damaged and I contacted Turo claims and no one is responding.

  12. I could be wrong but the idea of purchasing new vehicles just to rent them out for income sounds like a terrible concept. I think turo is more meant for you to rent out a vehicle that you aren't using on certain days for extra income.

  13. Sounds like a Tesla Cybertruck would be the ideal vehicle to use for this sort of service. No issues with scratches dings, dents, or "fuel", along with minimal maintenance. Thanks for the warning about Turo.

  14. Woow I'm surprised you feel this way, first of all partnering up for cars dont make sense to me personally.
    You have a Ferrari in your garage so you clearly can afford any car.

    I have 2 cars a 2019 Durango SRT and a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT granted my monthly payments are over $800 for each but I've been turning a profit. Not sure if its because I'm near new york.

    Also they did total one of my new cars lol turo took care of it all and I even got like 2k extra and went and picked up the same car again.

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