Twitch "Host" Mode - Explanation and Tutorial

Hosting on Twitch – Twitch "Host" Mode – Explanation and Tutorial

Twitch "Host" Mode – Explanation and Tutorial

Hosting on Twitch

This video will explain how to work the new twitch host mode. Be sure to leave a thumbs up and subscribe!

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Hosting on Twitch

Twitch "Host" Mode – Explanation and Tutorial

45 thoughts on “Hosting on Twitch – Twitch "Host" Mode – Explanation and Tutorial

  1. thank you for this tutorial. I have a question, I've been wanting to watch streams on twitch for a while now but each time I want to make an account it doesn't work and just tells me that an error occured try again later so I ended up deleting it, I don't what to do can you help me? I'll download twitch right now and try to make an account and if it will work I'll follow you right away

  2. Question. just say i want to stream but i have shit internet "blame Australia" If someone with great top speed connection does that mean they can host me and it be good quality? Sorry if i have no explained this question right

  3. What do people here expect? Other streamers to try to open your stream 24-7 and see if we can have the privaledge of hosting YOU, without knowing ANYTHING about your content? Yea great thinking idiots. This is why you are SMALL streamers.

  4. if it's possible to stream and host at the same time, how would you watch the hosting channel's stream? People keep appearing as "Live", but then when I click on their stream, it's just a hosted stream. I don't get the point of subbing people who are constantly hosting…

  5. Great video btw man awesome job! I know this is old news now but I have a couple questions..

    1) Can you host while streaming to have both up?

    2) Does hosting use up your internet? I'm assuming that it doesn't, because I could theoretically host while my laptop is off?

    3) Do the hosting channel's viewers count for the channel being hosted?
    -If my buddy has 100 viewers in his stream, and then hosts my stream.. Do I now have 100 viewers?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you can answer all the above I will definitely subscribe! lol

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