My Experience Of Hosting With AirBnB Plus Tips And Advice For Hosts

Hosting Plus – My Experience Of Hosting With AirBnB Plus Tips And Advice For Hosts

My Experience Of Hosting With AirBnB Plus Tips And Advice For Hosts

Hosting Plus

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Hosting Plus

My Experience Of Hosting With AirBnB Plus Tips And Advice For Hosts

31 thoughts on “Hosting Plus – My Experience Of Hosting With AirBnB Plus Tips And Advice For Hosts

  1. Nice way of studying the market. I agree with you! Bathroom and kitchen must be always super clean. I've a blog entry on how to identify a "bad guest", some other tips beside the one you are giving in this video ( As for the price! I'll recommend not to hear Airbnb that much, the price they suggest it's really low, and you need to set your minimal price, and even if they suggest less, just leave it on that margin. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This was SUCH an informative and straight to the point video! I've been thinking of hosting on airbnb for some time now to help make some extra money. This video has really motivated me to do so! Thank you!

  3. I have been using airbnb sincera 2015 and i started hosting guests 2016 and it has been a great experience and good side in come inbox me and i Will help you get started on airbnb to start making money or even if you wanna be a guest you still have to get some bonus

  4. My parents are the cleaniest tidiest people who rarely complain and dont even eat the airbnf food or use the shampoos /soap because they bring their own everything but since they are old and old fashioned they dont have a picture on their display. I would hate for them to be rejected.

  5. Hi! We are basically like Airbnb but for parties and events and we pay you in less than a week to throw house parties that you decide the price and people around will see your party in real time and pay to come. So you will make way more money with Tuurnt in the single night!

  6. Airbnb customer service demand your privacy stuff to expose to the company like your passport and more. If you do not want they cut off right there weather you have guests coming or not.

  7. Please check with your Landlord, if it is O.K, that you rent their property out to strangers. It is usually a clear part of the Tenancy agreement, stating that it is NOT ALLOWED. It is illegal, if you don't have their permission.
    If they thought it was a good idea, they would probably be doing it themselves. I can't think of a Landlord, that would be happy for this to happen. You pay them £1000 – PCM and you then rent it out, with no legal agreement and make that in 10 days. Come off it !

  8. I HATE roommates. So I'm using airbnb and so far has been good. Just got used to people being dirty, that bother me a lot at the beginning. Host just have to be very careful to whom you rented to . Some people go to big nightmares but I think they just hit approve bottom before take a little time screening the tenant.

  9. Thanks for this video. I loved how considerate and clean and tidy you are. I hope to find someone like you when I move to London and use airbnb until I find a flat.

  10. Excellent information. "Expect the worst from your guest." I definitely agree because it makes you prepared for any problems that may arise. I've hosted 8 sets of guests thus far, and I have 6 reservations in the next month. Thanks for the helpful info, Anastasia!

  11. Hi Anastasia, was your landlord ok with you renting out your apartment? I am thinking of moving back into my parents house in order to use my apartment to host for airbnb, but I am unsure of if I can simply rent out my current apartment until my lease is up. Any ideas, please? 🙂

  12. Hi Anastasia…thank you for your video! Quick question, I'm hosting for the first time. Have you ever allowed someone with no ratings to stay in your apartment? I know you said to only accepted 3 goods reviews, but i'm curious.
    To be honest, I've had 2 requests, but i'm not confident about both as they've only just joined Airbnb… I'm questioning myself as everyone has to start from zero at some stage…Many thanks Matthew

  13. Hey Anastasia, looks like you live a pretty idyllic lifestyle! A fan of both AirBnB and eBay, you truly are a woman of my heart. Shame your boyfriend is such a hunk! 🙂

    I just bought a 2 bed 2 bath duplex in the Woolwich Riverside Arsenal development (great investment area) and I'm considering how best to furnish the interior for AirBnB guests. Are you still renting your place via AirBnB, or was this only for the letting overlap period? I'm sure AirBnB can be a serious money earner if you are able to easily stay with someone when your flat is being used. My friend finds it especially good for funding weekend breaks abroad…

    Overall I found your video to be very helpful with pragmatic tips and tricks. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you and your future endeavours!

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