WPX vs Cloudways vs Bluehost vs Kinsta – Best Wordpress Hosting 2021

Hosting Plus – WPX vs Cloudways vs Bluehost vs Kinsta – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

WPX vs Cloudways vs Bluehost vs Kinsta – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

Hosting Plus


0:00 Introduction
1:40 Bluehost Review
4:30 Kinsta Review
5:40 WPX Review
7:40 Cloudways Review
12:00 Speed Comparison
12:22 How many Domains are you Allowed?
13:40 Support Comparison
14:04 Price Comparison
16:04 Affiliate Programs Comparison
17:33 My Final Verdict
18:35 My Top Recommendation
19:18 Conclusion


1. Bluehost – Fine for people who have no money, but upgrade as soon as your budget allows. Shared hosting.

2. Kinsta – White glove service for people with unlimited money. Expensive. Private server.

3. WPX – Unlimited hosting for 5 sites at about $25. I’ve been happy with them. Shared hosting.

4. Cloudways – Unbelievably fast. Realistically, expect to start at $25 and price will go up from there as you get more traffic. Virtual Private Server.

Affiliate Links

(I’d appreciate if you bought your plan through my link so I get some kickback!)

1. Bluehost:
2. Kinsta: Don’t have one … just go to kinsta.com
3. WPX:
4. Cloudways: (You get $15 credit upon sign up!)

you search:

Hosting Plus

WPX vs Cloudways vs Bluehost vs Kinsta – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

15 thoughts on “Hosting Plus – WPX vs Cloudways vs Bluehost vs Kinsta – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

  1. Many shared hosting providers offer LiteSpeed and NVMe SSD storage using modern hardware servers, and they can easily outperform the top plans from Cloudways. The Cloudways provides services through shared cloud service configurations with low-grade server equipment that much cheaper dedicated service providers easily beat in performance metrics. Ironically, many bloggers try to present Cloudways as a top provider of VPS accounts instead of a more realistic positioning of their services as a low grade, overpriced shared hosting. A detailed explanation is given in the review paper at https://www.webwhim.co.uk/how-to-select-a-wordpress-hosting-provider/#Cloudways

  2. Thanks for the review Chris. But why move hosting when you can keep your eggs in multiple baskets.
    Bluehost. c o m is one of the hosting solutions I currently use. Liked and subscribed by the way !

    Some vital info for newbies? Does Bluehost actually have coupon codes? I saw Bluehostplans.c o m had insider info on the only way to get great discounts this year.

  3. Seems like Cloudways and WPX are the ones to go with. Although I am so comfortable with cPanel, I'm not sure Cloudways has cPanel. Having to use Digital Ocean and the whole droplet thing is also confusing…

  4. Just my 5 cents. 1.5 months ago I migrated to cloudways from siteground using their migration plugin. All of my websites are ruined – some of the functionalities of WordPress simply don't work and support was absolutely useless. Currently have several developers I found on upwork (some cloudways / wp whizzes) whom I have to pay to resolve the issue and they have zero ideas what's wrong so far. I can't even move back cause the current version of the websites is wrecked.

  5. Hay Chris,

    Thanks for the video.

    I've been thinking about upgrading my hosting. But I'm with Ezoic using the name integration and CDN.

    I'm not sure if faster hosting would make a difference to my visitors as the CDN would be delivering the content.

    Appart from the wordpress backend being faster, do you notice any site speed increase when moving hosts?

    Kind regards

  6. Bluehost was where I started, it's not that bad, it's a little slow, their customer service is very good….

    Now I'm with namehero, it's incredibly good, fast and very cheap for the quality…their service sucks, I would say namehero you have to fend for yourself for any problem, it's not for beginners.

  7. I was thinking about migrating my website either to WPX or cloudways, but was confused about choosing one of them. This video was very helpful and I can see why most people are recommending WPX and Blue host even though Cloudways is better than them. It's all about the affiliate commission that they get. Thanks for being transparent in this video. I'll definitely use your link when I sign up for Cloudways.

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