YouTube Vs Vimeo Review for Hosting Online Courses (Why Vimeo Is Awesome)

Hosting Plus – YouTube Vs Vimeo Review for Hosting Online Courses (Why Vimeo Is Awesome)

YouTube Vs Vimeo Review for Hosting Online Courses (Why Vimeo Is Awesome)

Hosting Plus

When it comes to YouTube vs Vimeo for hosting your online courses, you may be surprised with what Vimeo can do to help brand and protect your content.
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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Privacy
1:15 – Access
2:40 – Protection
3:55 – Control
5:34 – User Experience
7:08 – Outro

YouTube Vs Vimeo Review for Hosting Online Courses (Why Vimeo Is Awesome)

YouTube Vs Vimeo: Which Video Platform is Best for Your Business?

Are you in the process of creating a membership website? Wondering if you what you would choose between YouTube Vs Vimeo to host your course with?

As an startup online course creator, you want a cost effective way to host your course videos and have them protected. Should you pay for Vimeo to host and protect my online course?

In this YouTube Vs Vimeo review guide we are going to break down which is the best for hosting your online courses. I will talk about considerations you need to make when comparing YouTube to Vimeo for hosting your online course, and why I think Vimeo is a clear winner here.

YouTube Vs Vimeo: which platform is better for hosting your online course? When it comes to protecting your content, and giving your customers a great user experience; it’s important to choose the best hosting solution for your content.

They both have strengths and weakness, however when it comes to hosting your online course and protecting the content; it’s important to pick a platform that will help increase the value of your course and keep your customers happy. If you want to read about the Vimeo vs. YouTube for business, you may want to visit this page over

Many course builder like to use YouTube to host their videos. After all it’s free so why pay for something you can get for free?

Vimeo vs YouTube for business: YouTube is all about branding and expanding its own platform; not yours. So you have very little control on how YouTube videos appear on your me membership site. Your online course will have a lower perceived value simply because you are using YouTube to host your videos; your students and customers associate the player with free content and not paid. THe biggest downside of YouTube as hosting site is that your course videos are easily shareable.

Vimeo allows you to access network shares, split screen finder windows right and left, open specific web pages, etc. As a course creator however, it’s the privacy settings that you should really care about. You’ll learn exactly why Vimeo is a great hosting option for creating private video content in this Vimeo Plus review.

Here’s a quick overview of why Vimeo is great for hosting online course and beats YouTube: the video widget makes it easy to display YouTube or Vimeo videos on your website and unlike YouTube videos, allows you specify what websites your videos can appear on. The privacy aspect is the second reason I decided to do this Vimeo review for you.

I hope that by watching this video, you’ve decided where to host your online course, whether vimeo or YouTube!
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Hosting Plus

YouTube Vs Vimeo Review for Hosting Online Courses (Why Vimeo Is Awesome)

40 thoughts on “Hosting Plus – YouTube Vs Vimeo Review for Hosting Online Courses (Why Vimeo Is Awesome)

  1. Which one is less evil in terms of mind control and viewer manipulation? FB and Google getting a lot of slack over that as explained in Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix. Wondering if Vimeo is purely a more healthy choice for viewers.

  2. Great video. Will use Vimeo for my videos now. 1. Do you have a video for setting up e-courses please? 2. I am using mailerlite and wondered if you had any suggestions of what software to use to connect with that for e-courses please? Thank you

  3. Great video. I am leaning towards Vimeo for my online course, but on trustpilot it has a terrible score. Most of the people have given a one star review. A lot of the problem seems to be poor customer service from Vimeo. Do you have any comments on this?

  4. Hi Jason, I have a question that if I want to make my video as a private download for my clients giving access by allowing username and password, is it possible in Vimeo and also if I upload the video in Vimeo, is any search engine will crawl the video? or if anybody directly goto Vimeo and search the video, will they find ?

  5. Is there any way to seeling my contents through Vimeo? I saw some showcase or channel in the Vimeo but wondering how I including a payment method? Or I just need to send private link one by one to the audiences?

  6. I thought Vimeo was superior to YouTube until they removed my video due to a bogus DMCA complaint. After proving the Content Creator encourages viewers to Share the video, Vimeo changed their reason & stated: “Vimeo is committed to combating the spread of material that may misinform the public…” They lied & then Disabled my account for getting a single Strike/Violation, even though Vimeo’s official policy states users are allowed THREE. * I suggest anyone reading this to quit Vimeo & use BitCHUTE so you won’t have to encounter freedom of speech & dissenting opinion CENSORSHIP. Vimeo even has "Comments Turned Off" on its official YouTube page, which is quite telling…

  7. Jason you answered my question exactly! I was considering using youtube private but then you mentioned the fact that it is better to use unlisted because of the time that it takes to manually send a video to each person. Thank you!

  8. Thank you for this very clear video. Have there been any further improvement with YouTube in 2020, I have already uploaded all my videos for my online program and I would like some of the benefits of Vimeo without having to reload them again on vimeo.. also I have heard that vimeo is quite expensive..

  9. Hello Jason

    I would like to make educational videos for a specific client base and only allow access to the clients who pay to view them. Would the entry-level (free) version of Vimeo be sufficient for that purpose?

    If not, would you be able to recommend any other video sharing platforms that might serve that specific purpose?

    Your video was great! Thank you.

  10. ❗️❗️❗️
    ❗️❗️❗️To anyone looking to host paid videos on Vimeo:

    be careful, Vimeo says you get unlimited bandwidth, but this is NOT true if your viewers paid to watch your videos then Vimeo will come to you asking you to pay money for bandwidth, this exactly happened to me 2 days ago, they said I should pay 9000$/year to earn 100K/GB bandwidth per year, read their terms first.
    I am looking for other Video hostings now, maybe I will move to amazon S3 but I am not sure if it's great any suggestions?

  11. After watching your video I am very convinced that I should host my videos at Vimeo for my online course. Vimeo says they provide unlimited bandwidth. Does that mean any number of users can watch a video infinite number of times without slowing down or breaking my site?

  12. I moved to Vimeo recently, Vimeo offers no way to import videos from YouTube. but luckily I found Transferring-Videos which helped me transferring all my videos in bulk from YouTube to Vimeo in a few clicks

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