Best FREE Minecraft Server Host

Hosting Pro Minecraft – Best FREE Minecraft Server Host

Best FREE Minecraft Server Host

Hosting Pro Minecraft

The best FREE minecraft server host of 2020 in my opinion will be listed in this video, there are many free minecraft server hosts but the one in todays video is special for a specific reason… It has 500k MONTHLY players of which could join YOUR minehut server.

The best free server host in minecraft is minehut for one specific reason… Advertisement! You can advertise your minecraft server multiple times in the network chat which shows your players to hundreds of lobby players! Granted the minehut servers themselves aren’t the best but yet again it’s 2 free servers with unlimited advertisement!

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Minehut is a free Minecraft Server Host that has over 10,000 average players. Minehut’s server host is very unique, because not only can Java players make a free server, but you can also make a free bedrock Minecraft server! Minehut is well known for being the second biggest Minecraft server, only being passed by Hypixel. I have the Minehut YouTube Rank, which makes me an official Minehut Content Creator. Minehut is very unique compared to other Minecraft server hosts, because Minehut gives you the opportunity to advertise your minecraft server.

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Hosting Pro Minecraft

Best FREE Minecraft Server Host

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  1. I know the video is just 6 minutes long but it feels like you just kept on stretching the video and flexing your YOUTUBE rank and whatever unlimited plan you had. Stop it, just get to the point. The actual server tutorial was a couple seconds smh.

  2. aternos is better for smp's cuz it doesnt need to use paper (paper = :Vomiting face:) tho pays hosts are better, the one good thing abuot mh is that you can easily make ad's

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