Top 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies

Hosting Pro Minecraft – Top 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies

Top 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies

Hosting Pro Minecraft

What is the best Minecraft server hosting company? Well, in this video, I go over the Top 5 Best Minecraft server hosts in order to help you pick the best place to start your Minecraft server. There are hundreds of Minecraft server hosting companies out there, and it can be hard to tell them apart. This video narrows the list down to just 5 Minecraft hosting companies and gives you the best part about each of them!

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About this video: In this video, we go over the top 5 best Minecraft server hosting companies on the internet. From the best overall to the most affordable Minecraft server host to even the easiest to setup, everything is covered in the video. So, let’s go ahead and jump on into the top 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosts!

First and foremost, we have Apex Minecraft Hosting. Apex is the best overall #MinecraftHosting company. They have incredible support with both live chat and ticket support. They have an easy to use one-click setup of every popular FTB, Technic, and Twitch/Curse modpacks, and on top of that, they are priced very well at just $3.99 per month for a 512MB #MinecraftServer.

Speaking of price though, next up on our list is the cheapest #Minecraft Server host in the business. We are talking about GameServers! You can start a 512MB Minecraft server with GameServers for just $1 per month. Now, that does come with one major drawback. GameServers has a much harder to use backend than anyone else on this list, and all modpacks must be setup manually with GameServers.

Next up on our list is MCProHosting. This is the name brand of Minecraft hosting companies. MCProHosting has been around for a very long time, and because of that, we have to put them on our list. They have a great live chat and ticket support system, and their ease of use with modpacks and Spigot servers is great. With that though, they are priced a bit higher at $4.99/month for a 512MB server.

Now let’s move on to ScalaCube. ScalaCube is a unique server host as they let you set up as many servers as you want with the RAM you have on your server. These can be modded servers, a network of server, or really anything else you want. With that, they come in at $5 per month for a 768MB server. This isn’t too bad as you can create multiple servers with that $5 you are spending each month.

Last but not least on our list is NodeCraft. NodeCraft is a different than most other server hosting comapnies as NodeCraft allows you to have a 7 day free trial before you are charged for your server. This gives you the chance to decide whether or not you want to use NodeCraft or move on to someone else. This doesn’t come without a higher price though as for just a 1GB server, you will be paying $9.98 per month.

And there you have it! Those are the top 5 best Minecraft server hosting companies. If you have any questions about any of these companies, please post them in the comment section down below. We are more than happy to help you out in any way we possible can. Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoyed the video!

Note: Some of the above links are affiliate links. I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you if you go to these sites and make a purchase.

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Hosting Pro Minecraft

Top 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies

30 thoughts on “Hosting Pro Minecraft – Top 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies

  1. In case there are bedrock lovers out there who want good performance, get Bisect Hosting! A little background of my gaming style, I have ESBE 2g shader W/ Clarity or Clear Craft texture pack, and only play with 2 players. I started with 3072 MB RAM and it was lagging so I switched to 6144 MB RAM and night and day difference with speed. I started my server experience with Apex Minecraft hosting and instantly had problems. My friend's computer & Ipad kept crashing when trying to join the server and customer service said it was a bedrock issue. His solution was for him to change his Minecraft username because it was corrupt. It was bull crap. Since I joined Biscet Hosting, there have been no problems and my friend's computer doesn't crash. Just my two cents.

  2. Id highly recommend VillagerHost if im being honest compared to these, recently switched from Apex due to the price and their service is awesome, really helpful Support too, plus the price difference was a huge plus!

  3. Tbh shock yet should be number 1, you might of had a bad week with them but they have CHEAPER plans and that is why I will use shockbyte.

    25 dollars at shockbyte is 10gb, and the service I will buy 2 of, and a gold plan.
    22.99 dollars for 6gb? You serious? Like 40 dollars for 8 gb

  4. Breakdown, I was going to start paying Shockbyte for Minecraft hosting services after seeing another of your videos recommending them, but luckily saw a newer one of you saying the opposite.
    You keep talking about Apex so I looked at what they had to offer then contacted their live chat before buying (which I didn’t).
    I was not impressed at all because they said I couldn’t have more than 5 slots for PE bedrock on1g pack. Apex has no package where only a few players could choose a world from those uploaded to the server (if that was possible he said) to play as me and my grandaughters (8 and 4) do now when we are on the same WiFi. Also he didn’t know how they (Apex) does good reliable voice communication between players during Minecraft gameplay. Apex has one buy wouldn’t work for iPads.Guess I’ll have to keep looking for a host (gameservers you also recommended before is not at all cheap for just 5 players on PE).

  5. Anyone here looking for a new server host, DO NOT USE Shockbyte. I am currently transferring my server to Apex.
    My automatic monthly payment failed to process, they sent me an email saying it had failed. 6 minutes later they emailed me saying my server had been suspended.
    Also, when I had reached out to them in the past after buying a dedicated IP, it took them 4 days to respond.

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