Free UNMS Cloud Hosting

Hosting Vs Cloud – Free UNMS Cloud Hosting

Free UNMS Cloud Hosting

Hosting Vs Cloud

*** Sorry for the re-upload!

Ubiquiti recently made their UNMS cloud hosting completely free – in this video, I show how to install a UNMS Cloud instance and adopt a device.

UNMS Cloud:

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Hosting Vs Cloud

Free UNMS Cloud Hosting

48 thoughts on “Hosting Vs Cloud – Free UNMS Cloud Hosting

  1. Hi guys..I am planning to use 8 x Ubiquiti NanoStation 5AC Loco Loco5AC and unifi equipment.

    I would like to use the free unms portal yet, which switche models will be included in this 10 so I can buy those switches to add to make my count 10.
    And get a full system..

  2. As of this post I have been running 4 devices since day 1. It complains that I don't have at least 10 but I can dismiss it. I hope i can pay a small fee if I have less than 10 when they enforce it. I have nothing but issues when I run UNMS in a docler on my unRaid box. The docker image size goes crazy. Even with the log size limited.

  3. Hey Chris, im now starting a WISP business and I'm struggling to keep up with all of this new knowledge, can you tell me if the UNMS has to be connected to a server or a computer that is in between the internet connection and the PTMP device?

  4. You can have the UNMS app on your mobile to access however many devices you have, but on the cloud, you need to have at least 10? What a load of crap. All this is doing is flowering up the Edge series to look like mickey mouse Unifi

  5. I don't like that there is a minimum device # to use UNMS. All of their gear is at minimum $100 so 10 devices is at least $1000 in equipment to continue using their UNMS cloud. 🙁 I think 5 devices is fair. I mean even Crosstalk said he doesn't have enough devices to keep it online and you know he's got plenty of Ubiquiti gear. Do you want UNMS to fail? Because that is how you negate admins to slowly build up their Ubiquiti products instead of "oh I'd better hurry up and buy 10 Ubiquiti devices". No, just no.

  6. Hello Chris. Thank you for a nice video. I can confirm that we are working hard to bring even more configuration options to EdgeOS (and other) devices. Regarding the button you asked for, please note there is a new Remote discovery system available in the latest UNMS 1.1.0-beta.1 which will make such button obsolete I would say. The 1.1.0 is not available on the UNMS Cloud yet, as we are planning to wait for the final stable version before we upgrade UNMS Cloud to that version.

  7. Chris, great video, I was super very to see UBNT finally make a cloud version of this available for free! I was previously running a small UNMS instance as a docker image on my Synology box but I happily moved it to the cloud with their super easy migration tool (thanks for also mentioning that in one of the comments as I didn't know that existed). Everything migrated without a hitch, yet I have one non-ubuiti issue I can't figure out. I was previously using UNMS to check if other non-ubnt devices (like my other synology) were up by using the "Enable Ping" feature for 3rd party devices. It worked great when everything was on the same local network. How do I get the cloud-based UNMS server to be able to ping a device behind my firewall on my local network? A ping doesn't have a port to forward so I'm rather lost on what to do. Thanks in advance for any input you can offer.

  8. My comment disappeared? What i said is i only have two devices at home a edgerouter x and isp cube. And now my account is deleted. Someone asked if i tried to setup it again. And my answer is no not yet as they will only delete it again. I understand that they need to sell devices for the hosting of the server to be free . But wont it be cheaper, or cost the same, to host 10 guys running two devices or more, than 2 guys running 100 devices or multiple sites. (just saw the video was re-uploaded)

  9. Chris, you can configure anything on EdgeMax family via UNMS, because UNMS is giving you the console access. This is great, because you can have SSH to devices, even if there is no option to port forward SSH of remote devices via a public IP.
    I know it's not GUI but configuring via SSH is widely used and it's always included in every Ubiquiti Help guide. It is faster when doing repetitive changes on multiple devices.

  10. so… other than the obvious high price and way over-complicated management infrastructure, why does everyone have a hard-on for ubiquity products? especially for small business networks… I've been happy using Cisco, HP, juniper, brocade/foundry equipment without the extra hassles… am I missing something? I see ubiquity as a "pro-sumer" product… one with a shit-ton of features that 99% of small networks won't ever utilize… and from a consultant's standpoint.. asking a client to pay for things they don't want/need is taking profit from my sales.. and causing them to blow budgets on unnecessary bells and whistles… I'm not saying some of the management features aren't nice.. some are even cool… but should a small business be investing in things they know nothing about.. won't use… won't need.. so we can play with something one time then lock it up in a closet and never return?? I'm not saying tp-link for all… just saying.. small networks don't typically need/want/desire this stuff.. so why are we getting erections over it???

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