How To Setup A WordPress Staging Site And Re-Import Your Changes (Updated For 2018)

Hosting Vs Namehero – How To Setup A WordPress Staging Site And Re-Import Your Changes (Updated For 2018)

How To Setup A WordPress Staging Site And Re-Import Your Changes (Updated For 2018)

Hosting Vs Namehero

***UPDATE*** We have now implemented a much simpler way to deploy a WordPress staging website. Please watch this updated video for more information:

In this video tutorial I teach you how to setup a WordPress staging website on a subdomain, make changes to your layout, and then re-import the changes to the live website.

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Hosting Vs Namehero

How To Setup A WordPress Staging Site And Re-Import Your Changes (Updated For 2018)

21 thoughts on “Hosting Vs Namehero – How To Setup A WordPress Staging Site And Re-Import Your Changes (Updated For 2018)

  1. Thank you sir, it seems much more simple than making a local host on my pc. 3 days wasted on trying that. The only hiccup that I had was that I could not create a user and give access to the staging database, not available with my hosting provider I guess. I had to go to the list of databases in my cpanel and see what username they assigned to the staging database, click to change the password and then enter those into the wp-config.php file. Works like a charm now! Best part is that the WordPress admin isn't shooting errors at me 🙂

  2. Hey Ryan…What about the change of database name & password back to original, I started using DropMySite and want be sure DropMySite can call the live site for backup. How do you change that back to when you started? Do you just edit the wp-config.php file? I don't understand and don't want to mess this up.

  3. Thanks for this great video. It was really easy to follow. Unfortunately it didn't quite work for me and I can't figure out why. I had two issues – 1. After I copied the database to my new _dev database in phpMyAdmin I went into the "options" table, as you directed, and attempted to edit the siteurl and home tables. I didn't have a home table. 2. When I go to my new development site url, "", it loads the original url "". I insured I changed the DB_NAME correctly in the wp-config.php to the new copied database.Any suggestions? I feel like I am sooooo close!

  4. Excellent video. in a world of automation it's important to understand at least the basic process leading to the result.
    That way you can troubleshoot a problem without having to be dependent on the automated system.

  5. Hi, Thanks for the video! I have couple of questions, and it will be great if you can answer them or provide some direction where I could find those answers:

    1) I had recently added an ssl certificate to my website and there were a lot of things I had to do before finally getting it to show the padlock & 'https' prefix. Since the ssl is only for a single site I can't use it on my staging subdomain (so my staging subdomain has the 'http' prefix). If I copy the changes from subdomain to live, will I still have to go through the process of making corrections (mainly running some ssl related plugins and reuploading images to ensure they have the https prefix)?

    2) I have different GTM codes running on live & staging. On copying the staging to live, will the live GTM code get updated with the staging code?

    3) How do you push only the specific parts that you modified? e.g. If I changed the design of one of the pages, is it possible to just push that part to live?

    Thank You!

  6. Hi, thanks for making this. I tried it and it's working well for the homepage but for some reason, none of the links are working, say for example, all the links in the header are leading to a 404 error. All the files were copied to the subdomain though so I'm confused. Would you have any ideas please? Thanks

  7. Nice explanation. But the way you explained this does not account for any users that signed up or content that was added on the main site. By using the staging database and deleting the live database anything that was changed on the main site prior to you completing any staging changes will get lost and removed.

    You should explain this to your followers so they think about that.

    You mention you like to go old school. How would you apply changes from a staging site to the active site as to not loose users or posted content?

    I know you can copy/overwrite tables from staging to live database which in case of users we can not copy over users table. But I can't wrap my head around if the staging site had new posts added to it as well as the live site had new posts added to it. How do you suggest we apply staging changes as not to overwrite any new live posts?

    Thanks for your time.

  8. After watching half this video it makes me want to choose a host with 1 click staging,, or at least a better staging solution, particularly since I'm going to have multiple sights. I guess I'm suggesting staging as a service you might add to a package?
    Another solution for developing is Local by Flywheel, easy install wordpress local development on your computer, there is also Bitnami WAMP or MAMP although more complicated to setup than Local by Flywheel
    Thanks for listening

  9. 0:00 Welcome
    1:50 Make a backup
    3:08 Setup subdomain for the staging site
    3:56 Copy main site files to NEW subdomain directory
    5:14 Copy main site MySQL database to NEW staging database
    …..You might need to create a new database beforehand using the copy operation in PHPmyadmin and be aware of the checkbox for CREATE BEFORE COPY in case you make a database prior to copying…
    6:32 Connect new database to staging wp-config file
    7:12 Assign a database user to the new staging database and grant all privileges
    7:39 change wp options for SITEURL and HOME in new database to point to staging subdomain
    8:24 Troubleshooting, propegation
    9:37 Login to staging site admin and develop
    10:32 re-save permalink options to reset .htaccess if blog is 404
    12:32 Make a backup before you Re-Import your changes
    13:03 copy staging files into main site folder… Verify copy success by opening wp-config and should see it's linked to staging database… let new wp-config file use Staging DB since it's already plugged into wp-config…
    …..I found logging out of cPanel helped refresh phpMyAdmin after adding new databases or modifying database
    14:08 update staging database wp options for SITEURL and HOME to point back to main site or www instead of subdomain
    16:10 Remove subdomain and staging files… Remove original database

    Thanks! Awesome! This video helped out a ton! I recommend logging out of your main site admin to avoid editing anything while developing on the staging site.

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