Allcraft - Asmongold, Scripe, Max and Rich deep dive raiding

Hosting Vs Raiding – Allcraft – Asmongold, Scripe, Max and Rich deep dive raiding

Allcraft – Asmongold, Scripe, Max and Rich deep dive raiding

Hosting Vs Raiding

Allcraft Episode Two Season Two

Asmongold and Rich have the big brains of Method’s Scripe and Complexity Limit’s Max to talk about all things raiding after the race to World first and Make some predictions about things to come in Shadowlands

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Hosting Vs Raiding

Allcraft – Asmongold, Scripe, Max and Rich deep dive raiding

39 thoughts on “Hosting Vs Raiding – Allcraft – Asmongold, Scripe, Max and Rich deep dive raiding

  1. Please rich , if you are reading this, the discord alerts are HORRENDOUS and in almost every allcraft episode you interrupt the flow of conversation to mention whatever chat is talking about, it literally ruins this show.

  2. It's impressive the top two competitive Raid Leads had an in depth discussion about the time zone conflicts and watching streams while still being reasonable and polite to one another.

  3. I've been watching this while levling. Evyertime "rich" says something it completely takes me out of the discussion – it's like he's not listening. "I feel", "We've been talking about". Say something substantive or have good questions. Geez.

  4. Good ep, but as most ppl said. Dem Discord notifications are annoying, not only distracting from the conversation, but also mixing in with my own xD

  5. I feel like Asmon is an intelligent guy who clearly has well thought out opinions on the game. That being said, when you have two of the best minds in the game joining the conversation you should help drive the discussion but otherwise be quiet. Anyone who watches him consistently knows his opinions since they're stated weekly on his personal stream. If he was speaking to disagree or have a productive debate on topics I'd care less, but I felt like most of it was just him jumping in, while agreeing, to ramble through some arbitrary personal anecdote instead of letting the guests of the show speak to the topic.

  6. I think PvP should be seperate from pve. Having to farm something, like say a trinket, to be viable in PvP on a high level and it's not even from PvP just feels terrible.
    I get the visions system with the cape, but that can be a solo experience where you don't need to have 15-30 people to complete. I would be completely fine with PvP stats returning to gear. Lower item level gear, but still top gear from the source that you enjoy to play.

  7. Raiding is always great. Proceeds to not play a character as a coach.

    Sounds like autistic adults who like to problem solve.

    Prepare 5 months for a week fight you don’t play in. Big fun. Kapp

    Also max in no word is close to darke as a tank. If anything he’s been one of the weakest tanks in the top end guide.

  8. Just watching this, its pretty iritating to have the discord / stream alerts pop up all the time when you invite 2 of the best guild leaders and want to ask them important things.
    Having rich talk about what chat mentions in the middle of Max explaining something, why?

  9. Are these guys for real? Tournament realms? How would you tune those fights? If you could bring any comp with any spec for any specific fight with any gear? What they tune it for those 40-60-100 people participating and the rest of WoW population can go fuck themself on live realms with bosses that can't be killed with regular playing? I think these guys forget that most of mythic bosses are killed over a period of months by majority of mythic raiding population, by gearing their characters trough regular play and they are bitching about how they can't have perfect comps first week mythic raid comes out. Goddamn you guys are separated from what WoW is meant to be. Its an live MMO, this pointless tournament realm WF race would mean nothing. It's been a long time since I heard so many stupid ideas in one video of Allcraft. If Blizzard would listen to these top end PvE guys, this game would be so shitty so fast its not even funny.

  10. Spend more money? I mean really Asmon? You think that is the reason? Developers work 9 to 5 job, they are not sitting there watching streams 24/7 then opening WoW Source Code and just changing stuff like that. Asmon sometime gives fought out commentary but sometimes sounds like such a dumbass. These 2 raiders are not that far off too. Why don't they work harder on making this experience for uh 100 or so better. But if you look at time needed to make mythic Nzoth compared to heroic and lower its much higher and if you look at how many people will do mythic Nzoth is already so unbalanced. You guys really need to look at a bigger picture then your small corner of the world…

  11. What a shit show. Max was so fucking annoyed that he didn't get to talk with scripe about the things he wanted to. About being a raid lead and everything, talk shop, etc. But nope. It was a bitch fest about the state of the game by two clout lords that have never been in the same league as Limit or Method.

  12. To some point i understand why they nerfed sub rogues on zul, to a degree they want to design bosses like they want without having to destroy the fight and all guild who attempt that boss feel like it cant be done without a certen class

  13. 35:40 i know asmon likes to be "trolly" for the sake of being "entertaining" but it's actually because since 8.2 they were working on shadowlands and didnt have people to spare to do tuning on either corruption or the tier and did simple non-effective bandaid fixes to the raid, not everything is answered by "didnt want to spend more money", ill give it to him when this all craft was done some of this info wasnt out but still, to go for the "they didnt want to spend more money" or the " they didn't care" reasoning is pretty lazy imo, its superficial analysis that will still resonate with most people because its easy for most to reason "blizz big company= greed" which isnt always incorrect but still superficial.

  14. When will the new episode (17.4.2020) streamed on asmon's stream be uploaded? Asmon mentioned doing it a couple of times but I can't be there on stream time and it's impossible to find any vods

  15. ppl still play bfa…. Holy fuk!! The world biggest idiots in 4 corners right here

    I'm 3 mins in and all I've heard is mythic sales gold sell this gold buy that…. dislike and good bye.

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