"Why I Don't Raid Small Streamers"

Hosting Vs Raiding – "Why I Don't Raid Small Streamers"

"Why I Don't Raid Small Streamers"

Hosting Vs Raiding

Is Facebook Gaming any good? What do I do when I have 0 viewers? What microphone is best? Why shouldn’t I use restream.io? I get asked these questions multiple times a stream. This is the video to answer them all.

$100 Dynamic Mic vs $400 Dynamic Mic
TwitchCon (OBS & Greenscreen)



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Hosting Vs Raiding

"Why I Don't Raid Small Streamers"

44 thoughts on “Hosting Vs Raiding – "Why I Don't Raid Small Streamers"

  1. If you raid a smaller streamer then youre helping them out especially if you send them 1k viewers their way because youre giving them 1k pairs of eyes watching their stream which drastically increases their chances of growing

  2. I was raided once by a bigger streamer and it was really cool I had like 100 views but it was my first month of streaming. I just froze up and didn't know what to do I tried to keep people engaged but it was just too much. I tried to thank the bigger streamer but he just ignored me because why wouldn't he, he was in the middle of a stream and it just made me look desperate. Raiding is fun but it doesn't work that well.

  3. I got affiliated due to a large raid , it was amazing ! I have on average 4-5 viewers per day , but those are there every day and we have a blast . I dont know how to grow right now and i dont care . i am enjoying it !

  4. not saying all streamers are like this but i’m sure some don’t raid small streamers because they had to work for their audience and they don’t want to give away their ‘hard earned’ audience for free. sorry but this video seems incredibly entitled and rubbed off on me in the wrong way.

  5. Yaa. I'm not in Streaming for the Followers or Affiliation or Subs. When this Pandemic ENDS I'm outta here(too much $$$$ oriented thanks.) SO.. why would I want to WATCH the bigger streamers… with Hundreds/Thousands of Chatters in the Chat? Most times the Stuff never gets read.. or it put on a "Wait List" till boredom overtakes em in waiting? Kinda the Reason why my personal "LIMIT" in finding places to View is Under 30 really. So. I'm not watching and Large Steamers.. and you dont RAID the small ones(Makes me feel good when I hear that thanks.. I prefer the personal touch in my Followers instead.)

  6. I'm a little streamer and just got raided for the first time on a stream 2 days ago.
    My viewer count jumped from 1-2 to 13-ish. From all those new viewers 3 have followed my channel. How many will come to my next stream? In worst case scenario, none of them.
    So, was the raid in vain? Definitely not, and I'll explain why.
    For 2 hours straight I was streaming for zero audience. Well, technically I had about 2 viewers, but the chat was deadly silent, so I guess they were either lurking or not even watching, having it turned on in background. And it's not a secret to anybody that when you have to stream for noone and talk into void, it's much harder than having a dialogue with people in chat: in order to avoid silence, you must either comment your gameplay extensively (without being boring and repetitive) or come up with different tales & stories. And when it's hard, it also gets exhausting over time.
    However, when I got raided, not only it was a spike to my viewer count, but it was also a spike for my mood, my brain activity and my chat activity. As a result, I became much more talkative, my stream became more dynamic & entertaining (IMHO) and its overall quality has increased. Totally worth it.

  7. Im on FB gaming, best switch ever from Twitch which is saturated with big streamers to the point you cant get anywhere. A raid helped me big time too. And streamers NEED to help streamers, big or small. It's called networking.

  8. ok but what if i want to spend channel points to get one of my favorite streamers raided and they have an average 80 – 100 viewers (the streamer in question is also experienced with twitch, has donations, tts, and good commentary

  9. 13:33
    Facebook takes ideas from other platforms (or acquires them entirely like Instagram) and implements them, usually poorly, on top of their existing already very buggy platform. For example, Google+ Circles were easy and intuitive. Facebook duct taped it to their existing amorphous Friends list and added a clunky categorizing scheme and another post visibility option, and unlike Google+, it doesn't let you hide a given post from specific people. For instance, you can't plan a surprise party for Bob from work by making a post with visibility set to "People from Work except Bob."

  10. tl;dr, if you didn't want to watch the video or read all of this: he doesn't believe in helping anyone smaller than him out unless he gets something back for it (i.e partnership, networking power, brand deal, exposure, etc.)

    Big no from me dog, this makes about as much sense as telling big YouTubers now/in the past to never shout out other channels that aren't already big. If that had happened, many channels that exist today simply wouldn't. Hell, JJ Olatunji every now and then shouts out an editor's channel like Lil Bored or somebody, and they go from like ~2-5K subs upwards to hundreds of thousands, with a rise in viewership as well. Do they get complacent or lazy, and just not upload anymore? Nope. They continue their upload schedule. CoryxKenshin met jacksepticeye when he was a smaller youtuber, and collaborated with Dashie, (when he was relatively smaller) and, in turn, he not only got to play with some of his favorite creators, but his channel grew immensely.

    The point and question wasn't "Should smaller streamers EXPECT big streams and people in general to raid them on-demand", it was "Why I don't raid small streamers".

    Practically, your answer is that you see it as a business and networking aspect, and only wish to do it if it directly benefits you or the already-large stream you're raiding. It's a "keep the rich rich, while calling the poor lazy and entitled" scenario. Very little people other than that one girl who said "just sub to me, it's only 5 dollars" would EVER have a mindset where they EXPECT you to donate to/raid them.

    If we went by this logic, we should just go ahead and shut down all of Mr.Beast's streams, YouTube videos, giveaways, charities, everything. Because why give it away to people in need, and people who DON'T have everything, when he could just give it to people that are already popular? Want to plant millions of trees? Screw that, just hoard the money for yourself. Give away cars to families for free? Why not just give the car to a popular mega-star as a form of networking to build popularity for yourself? Tip money to small streamers like Mr.Beast has COUNTLESS times? Screw that, just donate ONLY to big streamers to build up that popularity and networking for yourself and yourself only.

    Your whole premise is practically "I've been raided as a large channel, and haven't grown that much from it". Well, hate to break it to you dude, but if Pewdiepie shouts out KSI, his channel won't grow that much. If Pewdiepie shouts out a small channel with under 10k subs, their channel will grow DRASTICALLY. For some channels and streams, even an increase of 1-2 viewers is enough motivation to keep them going.

    This can be seen through channels like CORPSE HUSBAND, which is just a recent example. He grinded content creation and getting his name known via social media for years, but then Jacksepticeye brought him into a YouTube video/stream, and his channel and twitter, and practically everything BLEW UP in popularity. Hit trending multiple times a week, if not multiple times a day. From the week Sept. 28th to October 5th, he gained 720,000 subscribers, and 9.5M video views that week. He grew more in one week than your entire channel has in it's entire duration on YouTube, due to big channels genuinely just LIKING him and wanting to collaborate with him. He's gained 2.22M subscribers in the past month, and 36M views in the past month. So he's gained 2M more channel views and 4x your subscribers in one month than you have in 4 years, due to popular people bringing him into the limelight. Interesting.

    According to you, that shouldn't be possible. According to you, Jackseptcieye and co. shouldn't have done that, because they didn't get anything out of it. They didn't get partnerships or brand deals out of it, they didn't get subscriber count and view count spikes, and they didn't get money out of it. You lack the quality of generosity, and expect only to do something for someone else, if YOU get something out of it. These types of mindsets are probably the #1 reason it's so hard for channels to grow now, both on YouTube and Twitch. You can't just grind out success anymore, and the top streamers/youtubers like you refuse to actually help anyone but yourselves out.

    I also find it interesting that, time and time again on this channel, you'll spit the "I'm not telling you guys this because I hate you, I'm telling you this because I want you guys to grow. I want to help give you guys tips for growth. I believe each and every one of you has potential, and every one of you CAN do this if you apply yourself correctly. You can do this." – yet your logic for not helping out smaller streamers is because… you don't personally gain or benefit from it. Might say something about you.

  11. It’s called random acts of kindness, being a good person, making someone’s day. All the feels in life when there’s so much hate. I watch raiding videos with my son bc we love the reactions. It genuinely makes someone happy so that right there should be reason enough.

  12. Watching this a year later now that you stream every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday LOL! I actually came to your stream last Saturday for the first time and fortunately didn´t make any of the questions you answered here. Great content, dude! Keep it up!

  13. I really don’t care about growth. I’m doing this so hopefully I can help myself get over the crippling anxiety I have. I doubt it will work, but hey, I’m happy to do it. Well, mostly. I’m just happy that I pushed myself to be awkward in front of anybody who’ll watch.

    The thing is, if I had an audience, I’d still send them to small streamers over larger ones. For me, I’d be doing it for the love of it. Raiding larger streams wouldn’t have a draw for me. I don’t know. I just find it fun to talk to people who can respond as opposed to raiding a streamer whose chat is going 500mph and nobody is really interacting with them aside from when they’re paid money for the privilege of having a three word answer given in return for $5

  14. Take this video down. It's outdated and is considered misinformation on the topic of restream. If you're worried about violating twitches 24-hour content re-release policies consider terminating your exclusivity and streaming to Twitch as a regular streamer. Exclusivity on a platform is something that big fish worry about not small fish. Subs and bits on Twitch are a joke to small streamers that will rarely ever see that money because of the cap they put on payouts. No content creator in this day and age should be limiting themselves to one platform period.

  15. Pre-Amps are more important when it comes to expensive mics. Yes, EQ can help but each mic has it's own characteristics. A new streamer shouldn't be using a SM7B if they don't have a good enough pre amp to make good use of it. You want to sound like Joe Rogan, you need to have the same equipment he does.

  16. I'm a small streamer. 8-15 viewers. I raid people that I search and watch that get like 2-4 viewers. I do this. Its part of my community at this point and they get excited to hear when I find someone else worth watching but has no one watching. Its helped a few get ahead, further than I am. But I do enjoy trying to lend a hand. Its my pay it forward way. Its honestly fun.

  17. The restream thing is a good point but what about using it to stream privately to your youtube channel to save the vod since twitch only saves it for so long before it gets deleted and that way you won't need to download the vods from twitch if you have limited storage space on your drives.

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