IIS Internet Information Services and ASP.NET   Part 9

Hosting Vs Server – IIS Internet Information Services and ASP.NET Part 9

IIS Internet Information Services and ASP.NET Part 9

Hosting Vs Server

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In this videos we will learn about
1. What is a Web Server
2. Do you need IIS to develop and test asp.net web applications
3. How to check if IIS is installed?
4. Installing IIS
5. Configuring IIS server to run asp.net web applications

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Hosting Vs Server

IIS Internet Information Services and ASP.NET Part 9

34 thoughts on “Hosting Vs Server – IIS Internet Information Services and ASP.NET Part 9

  1. HTTP Error 404.3 – Not Found

    The page you are requesting cannot be served because of the extension configuration. If the page is a script, add a handler. If the file should be downloaded, add a MIME map.

    Most likely causes:

    It is possible that a handler mapping is missing. By default, the static file handler processes all content.

    The feature you are trying to use may not be installed.

    The appropriate MIME map is not enabled for the Web site or application. (Warning: Do not create a MIME map for content that users should not download, such as .ASPX pages or .config files.)

    If ASP.NET is not installed.

    Things you can try:

    In system.webServer/handlers:

    Ensure that the expected handler for the current page is mapped.

    Pay extra attention to preconditions (for example, runtimeVersion, pipelineMode, bitness) and compare them to the settings for your application pool.

    Pay extra attention to typographical errors in the expected handler line.

    Please verify that the feature you are trying to use is installed.

    Verify that the MIME map is enabled or add the MIME map for the Web site using the command-line tool appcmd.exe.

    To set a MIME type, use the following syntax: %SystemRoot%windowssystem32inetsrvappcmd set config /section:staticContent /+[fileExtension='string',mimeType='string']

    The variable fileExtension string is the file name extension and the variable mimeType string is the file type description.

    For example, to add a MIME map for a file which has the extension ".xyz": appcmd set config /section:staticContent /+[fileExtension='.xyz',mimeType='text/plain']

    Warning: Ensure that this MIME mapping is needed for your Web server before adding it to the list. Configuration files such as .CONFIG or dynamic scripting pages such as .ASP or .ASPX, should not be downloaded directly and should always be processed through a handler. Other files such as database files or those used to store configuration, like .XML or .MDF, are sometimes used to store configuration information. Determine if clients can download these file types before enabling them.

    Install ASP.NET.

    Create a tracing rule to track failed requests for this HTTP status code. For more information about creating a tracing rule for failed requests, click here.

    Detailed Error Information:

    Module StaticFileModule

    Notification ExecuteRequestHandler

    Handler StaticFile

    Error Code 0x80070032

    Requested URL http://localhost:80/WebForm1.aspx

    Physical Path C:UsersMauliksourcerepostesttestWebForm1.aspx

    Logon Method Anonymous

    Logon User Anonymous

    More Information:

    This error occurs when the file extension of the requested URL is for a MIME type that is not configured on the server. You can add a MIME type for the file extension for files that are not dynamic scripting pages, database, or configuration files. Process those file types using a handler. You should not allows direct downloads of dynamic scripting pages, database or configuration files.

    View more information

    Hello sir im am not able to rum my program using IIS
    and also getting tw0 diiferent error
    1st i am getting the above one
    2nd HTTP Error 500.19
    and the 3rd error is HTTP Error 401.3 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to an ACL set on the requested resource
    Help me to resolve my problem…………………..

  2. Can anyone help me please ??? what should be the learning series throughout the all courses recorded by Venkat ?? Although i have already covered SQL server Series, C#, HTML, CSS series but still facing some problems in ASP.Net . I wonder if I should have covered another course series before ASP.net

  3. hii sir i have a small query , actually i m creating a project on video streaming web so i am using visual studio and for database mysql or firebase but for uploaing the video i want any server so iis is good to use.

  4. Hai sir
    localhost – /HarishApplication/
    [To Parent Directory]

    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> bin
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> CIVIFile
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> Content
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> CSFile
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> ECFile
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> EEFile
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> fonts
    2/27/2018 9:52 PM 112 Global.asax
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> Glyphicon
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> IFile
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> Image
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> Library
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> MECFile
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> Scripts
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM <dir> Views
    3/22/2018 5:35 PM 3510 Web.config

    Getting this type of file in browser
    how to overcome it

  5. great organized contents.
    what if i have more than 1 .aspx files in single project? which will run first?
    as in case of project , the one with bold letters will execute first and later one's can be used by referencing as mentioned in part 2

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