10 thoughts on “Hosting Vs Vps – JixHost : Should YOU go with a VPS or RESELLER hosting plan?

  1. I'm in charge of finding a way for a domain selling business to add hosting as one of the services they provide their clients with, over 70k clients. I'm still not sure how to accomplish this task, any ideas?

  2. Where do I learn how to manage a server? The idea of starting with a reseller account is great, like you said low entry, but I would want my business to be successful. There is a guy here on youtube who had basically an overnight growth spurt and end up losing his hosting business. I would hate to be caught up in something like that. What are your thoughts?

  3. reseller plans are limited for 1 core 1 gb and if some of 1 accounts on reseller plan is requiring more than 1 core than you start getting faults.. no one will give you more cores on reseller plan. in this case VPS is what is better right

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