VPS vs Cloud Hosting | Should You Use Web hosting?

Hosting Vs Vps – VPS vs Cloud Hosting | Should You Use Web hosting?

VPS vs Cloud Hosting | Should You Use Web hosting?

Hosting Vs Vps

In this video, I go over VPS vs Cloud Hosting or Web-hosted websites. I show the pros and cons of each and which you should pick for your website.

Upcloud VPS:

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Hosting Vs Vps

VPS vs Cloud Hosting | Should You Use Web hosting?

18 thoughts on “Hosting Vs Vps – VPS vs Cloud Hosting | Should You Use Web hosting?

  1. You have shared a good comparison between them but the common issue between both of them is server management. So Cloudways managed hosting solution is a reliable solution in terms of ease of server management.

  2. Hi Chirs, thanks for the video, I prefer cloud hosting but I am confused because there are tons of hosting provider in the market which provide different features with different prices. Some of the providers are listed below:





    It would be great if you can recommend me to one of the greatest hosting providers.

  3. Shouldn't a video like this start with a discussion of the website's actual needs? What if all they need is static hosting, like millions of sites, including full-fledged JAMstack web apps? There are amazing free options for that, such as Netlify and GitHub Pages, etc, without ANY of the issues you're attributing to "web hosts", with major brands using these platforms for PRODUCTION HOSTING. You are WAY BEHIND, dude, and should not be making videos on this subject. Also where did you get your ancient information on what you're calling "cloud hosting" and "web hosting" but by which you really mean SHARED HOSTING, which is a super common industry term you seemingly have not heard??? Anyway, your info must be at least 10 years old, since before much of the industry shifted to true cloud hosting with variable resources. Sure, some shared hosts suck, as do many VPS hosts. You really did not make it clear that it's mostly the same exact providers offering the same thing. There are tons of non-VPS setups that have resource protection and guarantees using any number of strategies. And you did not even mention any special needs beyond "WordPress hosting". TONS of your viewers would do great with FREE static hosting or SHARED hosting, yet you're pushing VPS and WP Engine, which is $35/month at its cheapest? COME ON, DUDE. DO BETTER.

  4. None of my website get hit hard with heavy traffic. I never seek for heavy traffic, it just there to send people there to check things out. Everyone I have is free web hosting. Never had a problem with any of them. It's up 99% of the time. I know their maintenance times. I have three websites on three different free web hosting. Not counting my blogs, which are also on free hosting sites. Free is good for me, because I don't like to pay. It's more entertainment for me and the practice of making websites. Never had a heavy spike of traffic, so I don't need a ton of bandwidth. I guess one is sorta used as a commercial website. But it's local so it's not like the whole world needs to be hook to it. I just saying free is good to, if you just want to get something out to show just a hand full of people not for the whole world to see.

  5. There's one more thing to consider, there's not only skills required to maintain VPS, there's a lot of time needed as well, and I mean really A LOT! So if you sole entrepreneur it doesn't really matter if you have those skills more important if you have time for it.
    There was a time when I hosted my own email server for all of my sites on postfix, it was fun but then Google came around with their solution and I switched to it, suddenly I realized that now I have more time for my family and a gym!

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