WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting – vs.

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

This video does a side-by-side comparison of WordPress.com and WordPress.org. By the end of this video you should be able to make an informed decision as to which WordPress product is the right option for you.

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Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

46 thoughts on “Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting – vs.

  1. Hello! I am Ahmad from Pakistan.I love your video. You explained very well.
    Actually I am student of Doctor of Pharmacy and i love to write. I mostly write about politics. I love to give news. I thought to run a website and thus i started to search. Finally i found that i should choose wordpress.
    I was planning to choose WordPress.com but after reading articles and watching videos , i found that I should choose wordpress.org
    But as you said, on WordPress.org, it is all about over me that how to run this website.
    Fact is that I don't have any experience of running website.So tell me what should i do to run a news website as well as a health website?
    Should I choose WordPress.com or .org??
    I want to earn money so can I earn enough money by choosing wordpress.com's business plan that i will able to give them 25 dolloar every month??
    Last question is that If i choose business plan of WordPress.com then can I place ads of adsense??

  2. I built my website using WordPress.org. while I mainly work for myself I occasionally take temp jobs for extra money. It definitely helps in interviews when they find I built my website the same way they built theirs.

  3. Thank you for this introduction into WordPress. A friend came to me to for help and was really confused by it all immediately, but this really helped me a lot!

  4. This is by far the clearest video on the subject I've seen so far. However, there are a couple things that have changed in the five years since this was uploaded:
    Firstly, WordPress.com now has 3 packages in addition to the free one, with more features and fewer restrictions. The two more expensive ones even allow you to monetize!
    Secondly, just because WordPress.org is self-hosted, this doesn't mean that you need to set up your own server. You simply register with a hosting provider, such as 1&1, GoDaddy or BlueHost, and they will take care of server maintenance and security for you, as well as give customer support. Some of them even offer one-click WordPress installation. The prices are similar to WordPress servers and you are billed monthly or annually, depending on the provider. The features on offer also differ, so shop around. In other words, WordPress.org now has no disadvantages!

  5. Good starting explanation bt not enough abt WordPress.com especially that it's more abt using themes already in place not so much designing ur own HTML,CSS, JavaScript and PHP & if like me not really interested massaging someone else's code it is fine. With the themes u still must know some HTML & CSs in order massaging any code.

    WordPress.org is gives u a lot freedoms hosting ur own website with a company like HostGator or BlueHost & many others. They have Videos & tutorial how to do things. Also u can install XAMP and then WordPress locally on ur PC or Mac and learn and then move on 2 a hosting company. I have done it. Just my opinion.

  6. eh, it's average. it's not much different than a powerpoint presentation with a monologue. no screenshots, no site examples, just a monologue and bullet-points, for the most part. information provided scratches the surface but doesn't really help you to make any sort of buying decision.

  7. Hey ! I'm a musician and I'd like to have my own website without those restriction but what you're saying kinda scare me ! I don't want to have a really ugly bug or anything. What you I do ?

  8. Absolutely fantastic video ! Only wished I researched before starting my wp.com site. Question: I registered for a custom domain on wp.com but now that I'm starting again on self hosted wp.org I cancelled my custom domain however wp.org still seems to detect it as a shared domain. Should I contact wp.com to confirm it's cancelled for good?

  9. I don't even know the creator of this video, but I already love this person. I purchased a third party theme for WordPress called Divi, that's supposed to be one of the easiest website themes for people who don't know or want to code their websites, but for the life of me I could not figure out how to install this darn theme. I never had enough time to sit and figure it out. I wrote to WordPress.com and they could not give me an easy answer. Instead of sending me to WordPress.org, the rep just said that I needed to get a refund from the company that sold it to me because they don't allow 3rd party themes. I was like…WHAT?!!! I was so confused. So here I am, and searched for an answer. I knew I wasn't that stupid to buy the wrong product. So..thank you! thank you! thank you! Answering this one question for new internet entrepreneurs is a business in itself.

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