31 thoughts on “Hosting With Netlify – Setup Custom Domain On Netlify

  1. Hi Chris! I have a question about the Google Domains. I am setting up a website and have logged into google domains as my business account. I am looking to buy a domain for a friends website, when it comes to setting up a custom email for them do i put my own email as a backup email for the admin account rf the clients? As well as before the checkout it says your 'your information' is this my own information or information of the client for registration of the domain?



  2. thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. i was having the worst trouble with porkbun registrar and netlify, i guessed what fields to put the IPv4 and www into, and it turned out just fine! liked and subbed!

  3. hi i am new to this…i did my first project in github via visual studio code (thx to your tutorial), but i am stuck at the domain request in netlify. i don't understand 1 little thing. to do what u show in this tutorial, i already need a domain, am i right? there is no possibility to exceed the netlify domain step without purchase a domain? thx

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