E-commerce Website with Webflow

Hosting With Webflow – E-commerce Website with Webflow

E-commerce Website with Webflow

Hosting With Webflow

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Hosting With Webflow

E-commerce Website with Webflow

41 thoughts on “Hosting With Webflow – E-commerce Website with Webflow

  1. Hi Flux,

    All good to create a webshop if you don't have a physical store.
    What's the process if you also have a physical store with +- 5.000 products?
    There is already an inventory management system. I don't want to update the stock manually in Webflow every night for those 5.000 products.
    How can this be synced? Ideally the stock of every product is live updated at every time.

    Could you give me your opinion on this please.
    I guess I'm not the first person with this requirement.

  2. how can we do a 3 or 5 step form? I'm building a website for a client that needs to gather information from a customer before he can send the product. I would really appreciate if you can explain that, I'm still torn between with Shopify vs Webflow. Thank you

  3. Hi! do you already did some tutorial to make an eCommerce? Something that I don't understand yet. Is How it is the process to give the projecto to the client. The client need to pay the subscription to flow? or me?

  4. there a limit to how many items you can put on Webflow on the free plan? If no what are the the amounts for each plan? I am very new here. I have been leaning toward using Webflow for a Gallery website but I am still comparing website builders

  5. Hello, great video! I am curious to whether Webflow now accommodates digital products to be sold like you mentioned? Looking for a CMS/ Website builder to allow me to sell a digital product. Thanks!

  6. Can you make a step by step video to follow along. This one is just so fast and no learning directions. Plus you are moving your mouse why to much for our eyes to follow what we are hearing.
    My other question is , if I plan to use this platform to create web sites how do I present this in my own Business under my Business name legally???
    Please help. I also have a question about password. I published a site but with a password. No one can see this sight with out the password, I thought it was just to protect the site.
    Please send me a link if you do make time to answer these questions and the step by step full website design from scratch. And how do I work with the templates???? Keeping the pages I want and deleting the pages I don't want. Please make a step by step guide.
    Thank you so much

  7. Webflow E-commerce is not ready for primetime. Hopefully in the future. There are no user accounts, upsell, downsell, dynamic multi item discounts, ship station, item tracking, etc. you know… the elements that actually generate profit for stores. It’s still very basic so as of Sep 2019, going into October, I would still recommend Shopify over Webflow e-commerce. Hopefully this will change in the future. E-commerce not a viable Shopify competitor yet. Everything else about Webflow is excellent.

  8. Could you Export the Code to use it on a other plattform like woocommerce? And is it then designed and animated like you did in webflow?

    Thx for answer

  9. Hi Ran!
    I've been interested in designing an e-commerce website on webflow, I'm from India btw. There are a lot of restrictions when it comes to payments here. Would you or anybody else reading this know how webflow e-commerce is in India?

  10. Hey Ran video and congrats on your first e-commerce. I have just started using Webflow and find is a fantastic product. At this stage, they don't the functionality that other platforms have, but I'm sure there are plenty of improvements in the pipeline. Would be interested to know your process for creating the site, from first client meeting all the way to handoff!

  11. Hi!
    Can you show us something about booking systems in Webflow please?
    I would love to specialise my designs for the Tourism sector and many clients would like to have a website that serves as a booking platform.

    Thank you for your videos! really love it
    – Stanley

  12. Basically I clicked on this video which was basically made by Ran Segall and the channel name is basically Flux. This video is basically about Webflow and talks about specifically about E-commerce basically.

    Oh Ran, I love your content but ugh it's a struggle to watch. :/

  13. I love the way how this looks easy to build and maintenance, but client always, always have customization that's not possible to do with Webflow. Specific payment method, shipping method etc… That's why I would use other platform for e commmerce (woocommerce, shopify…)

  14. All looks very promising, but in the real world clients usually require very particular outcomes from their eComm. Dynamic PDF eGift cards, sending reports to business owners, scheduling a CSV export to a printing press. Multiple discount codes based on product type. I rarely need a simple Buy Now button on a custom styled page.

  15. Great video. But there is something very familiar about this GUI. Ah yes. WordPress. It’s not business owner friendly. This tool is meant for designers who love a million toggles on their screen in dark mode. Handing this off to a business owner will immediately feel overwhelming and a strong learning curve.

    Many designers fall in love with the idea of doing the entire web development without a developer. That’s why it user interface looks so much like Photoshop and Sketch. It’s catered to designers and that’s it.

    Sites come out nice but I don’t see this as a Shopify killer. It’s not business practical for the business owner post handoff. Which of course forces the business owner to keep the designer in a retainer.

    The minimized cascading interface to display product details, that’s a horrible interface.

  16. Small advice if you don't mind .. Please use less ' as I told you , as I showed you , as you seen before , basically … and basically ' , I am following you since long time also purchased the tutorial kits … and noticed these repeating pattern .Hope you'll take it as constructive feedback , thanks .

  17. I just finished up a project for an ecommerce site that is actually being hosted with Shopify because my client needed his inventory system to integrate into the site which webflow sadly doesnt support at the moment but I was able to design it all within webflow! I really enjoy using it and it's all thanks to you that I even discovered webflow in the first place!

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