Explaining the Webflow plans and pricing (2020)

Hosting With Webflow – Explaining the Webflow plans and pricing (2020)

Explaining the Webflow plans and pricing (2020)

Hosting With Webflow

In this new video series, I’ll be breaking down some of the things that Webflow does and clear up the most common confusions of the platform.

In this first video, I’ll explain the Webflow plans and pricing structure.

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I’ve been a web designer since 1995 and I’ve learned a lot about this industry. Now that I’ve found my dream job at Webflow, I want to share some of my experiences and knowledge with you in hopes you can find your dream job as well.

The purpose for this channel is to help you design and build better websites, learn more about the business of web design, and empower you to inspire others in this unique creative industry.


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Hosting With Webflow

Explaining the Webflow plans and pricing (2020)

32 thoughts on “Hosting With Webflow – Explaining the Webflow plans and pricing (2020)

  1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who noticed that this is confusing. My question to you regarding the E-commerce, which is what brought me here. My client is using the CMS package via 16 bucks a month. But I'll be adding e-commerce to his page. Is that a totally separate bill and package that I need to add? Or does the e-commerce have both e-commerce and what is offered in the 16 dollar a month CMS package? I feel that Webflow should've structured and marketed this a lot simple.

  2. Hey thank you so much for making the time to make the video. Also, the explaining of webflow with webflow made it original and entertaining. And I'm visual so that was helpful. Finally, THANK YOU SO MUCH for mentioning that we could just use the FREE account plan then buy the starter site plan AND ENJOY 100 PAGES (instead of 2) ! I would have probably taken the (lite account plan+starter site plan combo) if I didn't heard you mentionning that :).
    It took me about 5-10 rewatching to fully understand but now I get it crystal clear !

  3. Hi thanks for your nice content ! I am still confused about this though: suppose I have a lite account plan (with those 50 cms items/project which would be enough for the client), and my client doesn't want a custom domain. If I transfer to their webflow account a site, will those 50 cms items still be working? So, simply put: how to make use of those collection items in an account plan without having to upgrade to a site plan?

  4. It’s getting more clear … So let me recap: I create a 2 page website for free. Or: I create a 100 page website in the Lite account. Both can be published under mysite.webflow.io also for free. But then there is no security, SSL, backup, SEO, correct? I can move the site to a paid hosting plan. That will cost a monthly fee PER SITE. So even if I host unlimited hosted sites, I still pay that amount per site? If these are my own sites that would be very costly, but if they are for a client, he would pay for the hosting. Which makes sense, of course. That would NOT be so expensive, considering security and maintenance are included. Have I got the right picture now?

  5. Please, make a video on how to start a client's webflow project. Should they buy site plan first with clients billing, if I don't have site plan ?? It would be great help to me 🙂

  6. If I set up billing for my clients but it's still in my account, if a client refuses to pay or stops paying, am I then liable for the fee? Also, the e-commerce account level pricing seems a bit prohibitive……

  7. Please answer these question. I'm considering using Webflow but need more info before I invest my money.

    I want to start a webdesign business with Webflow. I'm assuming I need the Account Pro plan.

    Would this work > I create the clients website and export it. The client signs up for a free Webflow account with hosting to use the exported site I created. The client can use Webflow CMS to update their website now. Is that correct? Can you clearly tell me how this process is done?

    Another question. Does exporting a website and hosting it to another host like Bluehost work? I heard that ecommerce sites exported from Webflow doesnt work on another host. I need clarification please. I've been reseaching for days and don't know if i should go with WordPress of Webflow.

    I want to be able to create any type of websites without ristrictions, would the Acccound Pro plan be enough?

    Also I don't intend to host client websites. I want to create it and send it off to them. How would I go about doing this?

    Lastly, does Webflow have 24/7 support thought phone/chat etc for hosting of webflow queries?

  8. Great help, perfect explation, but i have some questions, hope you can help. 1-On the free version we have all the tools and options available to design the website? 2-On this free option, can i publish and delete to replace with other page? 3-The number of projects per plan is my limit, for example in can only make 10 sites per year on the lite version, or i can o only publish 10 sites? 4-When i exporte the code it can be edited after? 5-Will all the features work as you design on an independent host, when the company as its on domains? 6-Will it be feature that the site was made with workflow? Thanks in advance.

  9. So I have a question: When you go for enhanced staging, you have up to 50 CMS items per project, but when you upgrade to lite hosting, you get none? even though you acquired the the enhanced staging? that mad guys? Now I have enhanced staging site that I want to publish, but I don't need 1000 CMS items, I just need the 50 per project. which is more than enough. So, now if I want to publish to my custom domain, which plan should I go for? Basic or CMS?

  10. Part of the problem with the pricing is that Webflow is missing an obvious package. The typical business plan should be for a SINGLE, high-powered (lots of collections with lots of pages) site with unlimited collaborators. This is how an enterprise would use Webflow.  

    Corporations typically have a single website with possibly thousands of pages depending on how many subsidiaries and such they may have. They probably have a webmaster or maybe a contracted designer and then dozens or hundreds of content contributors.

    Unfortunately, there really isn't a plan like that. Maybe the reason is that Webflow is not targeting that market and for sure, the fact that you can't apply permissions or publishing on a page-by-page basis, is a significant weakness. This may be why Webflow doesn't offer a true business package designed for use with a corporate website.

  11. Great video thanks a lot!! I was reading webflow's website endlessly and still couldn't get my heads around the different plans until i watched this video! Webflow really needs to be clearer in their plans

  12. I think it'd help to use a graphic that shows actual pricing and examples. And end off with a total price. I'm still not sure if I have to "buy" two things to launch a site AND point my Godaddy domain name to it.

  13. Thanks! Still confused though. Don't understand if you pay the account + the site plan in the end. As I see all those "Oh I got it now" comments, thinking I may need new neurons or something. Thanks anyway.

  14. This video really helped out iron the whole thing out, but one question tho:
    Under the circumstance, client has more than 2 pages, client does need to purchase a site/hosting plan before developer is able to create the full website on webflow, right?

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