Hosting With Webflow: Pros & Cons

Hosting With Webflow – Hosting With Webflow: Pros & Cons

Hosting With Webflow: Pros & Cons

Hosting With Webflow

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Hosting With Webflow

Hosting With Webflow: Pros & Cons

48 thoughts on “Hosting With Webflow – Hosting With Webflow: Pros & Cons

  1. what do you do in the case of email solutions? I'm finding that you can not setup email through webflow but must use 3rd party provider like gsuite which is an extra fee to clients.

  2. I discovered Webflow and created my website in it with a CMS gallery. I already have hosting with Hostinger and a domain, but either I eat the cost of Hostinger and get hosting with Webflow. Or I put time in to creating a site with a non-Webflow template.Any ideas, suggestions?

  3. You're basically being held hostage over hosting if you want to use the CMS. That's not great. WordPress is free to use (so is Drupal) and can be installed on most servers from other hosting providers.

  4. Hosting is a major con to me. I traditionally host to clients on my reseller hosting. I've recently discovered Webflow and LOVE the concept, but the hosting is problematic, because unless I increase my hosting markup, the hosting on webflow effectively halves my hosting cashflow (unless I raise my rates)… however the spin that it's CDN, high performance hosting… yeah, I can see that.

    Curious if any web developers have had the same issues, and how they overcame it?

  5. Hi Ryan, I love your channel. I’m about to subscribe to Webflow Lite because Pro is a bit expensive for me.

    I need clarification on the aspect of code export. If I export my code on Webflow Lite, does the project get deleted from Webflow?

  6. I think webflow is very good but.. 16 box only for the designer app then you have to pay extra 16 for the cms hosting plan.. 34 monthly.. 408 usd per year.. One site? Man.. selling webflow it's a real challenge!

  7. I chose webflow to avoid the maintenance effort that comes along with a self hosted open source solution. That particular client doesn't need a full fledged CMS but rather a simple set of pages, that he can update sporadically.

  8. I’ve also found re-exporting every time can be REALLY fiddly with small updates and is very easy for things to go pear-shaped. I love the hosting convenience BUT… I’ve found the hosting fee hard to sell. Even considering the CDN, the currency conversion to AUD + bank fees makes it REALLY expensive for me. Especially when there is NO EMAIL hosting!! Also, you're stuck with a CMS site you can’t transfer elsewhere which is especially hard if your client has been burnt by Adobe and their Business Catalyst debacle.

  9. Thanks so much for this and your other Webflow relavent videos! With the vast amount of capabilities and considerations with Webflow you do a stellar job of summarizing them to real-world examples and approached. I am super excited about this tool and ready to take it on as my go-to front-end development solution. Thanks again!

  10. Thanks for your helpful video. I was wondering if anything as changed at all since this video. Would I be able to simply publish my code to a different host from the webflow designer now, or do I have to re export the code every time I make a change to a site still as you mentioned?

  11. is there an account transfer to the client if you're hosing multiple sites on your account? Just wondering if the freelancer is going to be the one accountable for payment on hosting. Ex of transferring ownership like squarespace once the website is complete.

  12. Hey dude, what about an online shop inside of a webflow website? Have you experimented with it already and how was it?
    I'm considering webflow for a client who is a photographer and besides from just a portfolio (what I believe from what I've seen, webflow and its CMS can handle fine), he also wants a online shop to sell prints. I saw that there's ways to integrate shopify with webflow but it looked too complicated to hand over the updating process to the client in the end. Anyway, have you worked with online shops in webflow already?

  13. so one more con is that you can't export webflow CMS sites and only the static ones. That's quite a big con, so you pay double or even triple 'cause of that. Extra for their CMS system and then also extra for their overpriced hosting.

  14. I love webflow but am having serious issues selling the price. how do YOU actually sell a product that is essentially almost 4 times as expensive as everyone else? They really need to rethink their costs, I see it as a dealbreaker in their future. IMHO

  15. Hello, just stumbled upon your videos and I am loving the content, thank you! Do you design, build and host ALL your client websites with Webflow? *I understand some clients have their own hosting or developers so you may just do the design. But if they want you to build the actual site, do you always use WebFlow?

  16. Rann, I have a question for you…I have multiple clients I build sites for and I am currently using Godaddy for hosting. Does webflow allow you to host multiple sites or is it per site?

  17. Good video!
    So if client don't wand to host at Webflow what I should do? Webflow writes "to export html/css/js" and give it to your developers. But is there some tutorial or template how to do this backend by myself (if I have some other hosting)? Or it is not so simple?

  18. So, what if I want to start a business with Webflow… What Account Plan should I choose? How should I use it? Thanks for your awesome videos! 🙂

    PS Im a student, not having loads of tha moneys 😉 So it's really hard for me to choose how I should do this.

  19. I'm starting in-love with webflow, because it's familiar to Photoshop heh. Anyway, Damn that's so hell in my country to do websites. Shitty codes to deal with and actually no one need designers in my country. I'm sick searching for a job as junior web programmer and designer I'm actually going to puke. I think after bachelor of computer engineer I'll go to Denmark or w/e and study web development and try to reach master degree and seek opportunity to work. Because at this moment after having 1y of programming and design, 3 y in photoshop, AI, 3 y experience in system administrator and 5 years as computer engineer I just can't find any job because every company looks at me and I'm like 22 y/o student with that much experience can't find any job like REALLY? AND STILL THEY HIRE older then because, because guess why, because he's older and has more experience like whaaaa….. I'll probably rush my own company or ether rush for master degree. Why companies not seeking young and full motivated students? I even need to go to my university only 2 weeks per 5 month. ;_; Any1 feels the same? ;_; Damn if needed I would even work for free just give me a job 😀

  20. In my opinion, the biggest con of Webflow is that it is not as flexible as building the website yourself. Custom features that heavily rely on user accounts simply cannot be done with Webflow.

    However, Webflow is good if you just need a commercial site to sell the business that doesn't pull any data from the database.

  21. Let's be honest. Most clients don't need a WordPress solution, but they were educated to believe so.
    People are using a bazooka to hunt a rabbit.
    Great video as always, thanks!

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