How to Build BEAUTIFUL Websites in HOURS

Hosting With Webflow – How to Build BEAUTIFUL Websites in HOURS

How to Build BEAUTIFUL Websites in HOURS

Hosting With Webflow

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How do you build award-winning websites? How do you present web work to clients? How do you build beautiful websites using Webflow? How can you reverse engineer sites, so you can recreate them yourself?

Chris Do follows up with Ran Segall, on how he works 30 hours a week and makes $300k a year. In this video, Ran describes how he uses Webflow to work with clients.

00:37 Skip the intro
08:57 How Ran built sites in an hour as opposed to a week. This is how he makes $1000/hr. He gets paid to design and develop websites.
09:48 Ran’s 3 strategies: Futur Secrets, how to reverse engineer award winning projects that are built in Webflow (having access to the source files to learn from).
13:42 Process is greater than tools
17:55 Tip 3: How to get clients and bosses to fall in love with Webflow

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Hosting With Webflow

How to Build BEAUTIFUL Websites in HOURS

42 thoughts on “Hosting With Webflow – How to Build BEAUTIFUL Websites in HOURS

  1. Damn Webflow is awesome. I still can't understand how they haven't fixed static background images on mobile after 6 years. I just started with the thing, but I've seen questions about it going back to 2014. Aside from that, I've built a portfolio that would have taken me over a year to code.

  2. I love how Chris rephrases things so neatly and asks guiding questions so you can understand Ran even better. Ran is giving a lot of great info in a short bit of time and Chris helps to reorganize it in a more palatable way.

  3. I feel this guy is avoiding Chris's questions and Chris tries to bring him back to the point. Still don't know how long it takes to start using webflow from a beginner point a view, is it 4 years? Is it like a university degree, to become a sort of microwave chef, and not a real developer? I di like there was some interesting material like the style guide template.

  4. for web designers like me, webflow is phenomenal. I don't have the time to learn more about javascript and other stuff that is also very complicated. even if I want to learn it. time is seriously money. I could create a working website myself than just creating designs which can gain me more clients and opportunities. I love doing web designs that are very graphics driven.

  5. I love this Channel and must say that in my opinion not everything Ran mentioned is 100% accurate. I do web development using WordPress and Webflow and not all functions, options can be easily integrated to Webflow as like many other CS systems it has limitations. 

    Does anyone charges $100 US dollars for a $% dollar hosting plan? 

    Is it just me or Ran just avoids answering specific questions?

  6. If the client dont want to host their site on webflow, is it possible to still use the CMS while the content is on the clients server or how do you solve this?

  7. When you are talking about repetative stuff, i truly wondering about why do you saying webflow is good, because IT DOES NOT HAVE MULTI SELECTOR. CLASSES ARE NOT ENOUGH TO HELP.
    It is repetative stuff over and over again, does not even let me save gradient I applied on hover state (upon some image that repeats in project). It is useful tool but it drives me crazy sometimes because of its flaws. Webflaws
    With all my respect for what you do and say.

  8. I can't get past the fact that Webflow is proprietary and that all dynamic aspects of the site would break if I ever had to switch hosting for any reason.

  9. I am the one of few to notice how hard they limit form submissions for Webflow? like starter – 500, CMS – 1000 and only Business get unlimited. Feels like if you project is bigger than Mama & Papa shop then you need to pay for hosting like $36USD to get BUSINESS level and you are still limited to 10 Logins?

    So the Webflow is basically for tiny organisations/Very small business that don't have too many users and don't need multiple level accounts

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