Webflow Wordpress Integration

Hosting With Webflow – Webflow WordPress Integration

Webflow WordPress Integration

Hosting With Webflow

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Hosting With Webflow

Webflow WordPress Integration

45 thoughts on “Hosting With Webflow – Webflow WordPress Integration

  1. thank you so much that's really clear and helpful! I've been considering trying Webflow for a while but since I have everything on WordPress it seemed like too much work to migrate. Now with this I'm happy to give it a try and see how could I design one or two pages with webflow and how they look integrated inside WordPress 🙂

  2. Okay so …
    I have a WebFlow designed site on my own domain
    but I want to use some WooCommerce features

    so if I design my entire blog with WEBFLOW first, and then integrate it to WORDPRESS,
    Will I be able to use All the WordPress plug-ins for the site???

  3. is it possible to add a custom host and use webflow just to design the webpages? or are there any alternative of webflow like tools only what'll allow me to upload the website directly to the hosting server I'm using?

  4. I have query about payment and receipt integration. If I have store where we show products on behalf of sellers. When customer purchase something then receipt would sent to both of them. Is it possible in webflow? What pluging or integration needed?

  5. Is there a way to make the page secure? the hosting has SSL, but when I upload it to wordpress its not secure, because the I have a free plan on Webflow

  6. very useful. Thank you. I am having a problem, in my webflow I have a contact form that works but when I send my page to WordPress the only thing that appears is the shortcode but the form does not appear. What I can do?

  7. Webflow will mature and surpass WordPress one day. It is an amazing platform. I looked down on it since it's inception. Then I tried it. They claim no code status, but I disagree. If you don't know how to build a site from the bottom up with, html, css, and js…I don't see how you can make anything in webflow. It is a short cut for developers. A great one. Build and export your code. Classnames will be a little wonky, but what a time saver.

  8. oxygen creates great code and is very similar for handling to webflow… elementor is heaven for designing but the code generated is not the best. BUT I STLL LOVE WEBFLOW!!! Would love to have something as easy as elementor with all the possibilities of WordPress, but with the code of oxygen and the Interface of Webflow.

  9. Thanks for showing everyone this plugin Ran! A few reasons why I think this plugin will be very useful:

    * Large WordPress websites that are difficult to migrate that need a landing page created (Webflow is 100x easier than WP at doing that)
    * Taking advantage of Webflow's CMS (https://webflow.com/cms) which is more flexible than WordPress so you can create a subsite inside your main WordPress site. For example, if you need to create a university portal like https://university.webflow.com inside your main WP site

    Just a couple but very valuable reasons to utilize the plugin for specific use cases.

  10. It looks promising, but seems like it might be more hassle than it's worth in its current state. I still think I'd rather export the code myself and convert it in WordPress without having to worry about anything on the Webflow end after the initial design.

  11. Not interested going back to wordpress. It's like going back to your ex girlfriend from a shitty relationship and trying to work thing out for the third time..


  12. Hi Ran, thanks for the insight. I tried the plugin when it came out few weeks ago, but I really don't understand why people think it's a gamechanger. I think there is nothing beneficial about that, I mean it's not like you can now save up on the hosting since you still have to pay for a hosting plan to get more than 2 sites and so on. And if the client pays for hosting then why bothering with redirecting the pages. It just creates an extra step. Publishing directly via Webflow just makes more sense to me. It's such a great service.

  13. Udesly came out with a really big new update @Ran that is web-based.
    I just found out about it today, so you might want to update the Udesly video if you're already doing a WordPress video? It fits thematically.

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