What Webflow Plan is right for you?

Hosting With Webflow – What Webflow Plan is right for you?

What Webflow Plan is right for you?

Hosting With Webflow

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Hosting With Webflow

What Webflow Plan is right for you?

29 thoughts on “Hosting With Webflow – What Webflow Plan is right for you?

  1. I have a question : If i have a paid Webflow account, can i export my code – own it- and host it somewhere cheaper? Or do I have to use Webflows hosting play for it to work?

  2. Im a web designer. I build websites using Adobe Muse. Im planning to move to webflow. One thing that I like with Muse is that i can design the website here, export it to my goddaddy reseller store and charge my own price on hosting. The question is this: if i design a website in webflow, can i still do this? (export it to a different hosting provider). And if i do, how can i do changes to the website in the future? Thanks for your help. I just subscribe to your channel. [email protected]pixelvec.com

  3. How do you manage a client that wants a cms built in webflow but wants to use another hosting service? I read you can't export CMS items and pages when exporting website code to host on anothher provider…

  4. What happens if the website you build on a PRO account you transfer to a FREE account and you have built a website with more than 2 pages? Do they lose access to any pages more than 2? Because you get Max. 2 pages on the free websites.

  5. Does Webflow’s free account allow for just 2 pages to be created? If my client’s site has 3 pages or more, how can I do this ? Please help, I’m on a budget. Is there a way to create a 5 page website on a free account plan before showing it to the client?

  6. Flux Very good answer. One Question: You said you pay for an account (your own Webflow) and bill the client hosting on their own Webflow. Now when the client is happy with the site which they have accessed on your account how do you transfer the site to their Webflow account?

  7. Sorry, Ran, I love your presentations. But this is still totally unclear to me. But that’s not your fault, but Webflow’s. So please pass on the message that they make this completely transparent! On their own website, with tutorial included!

  8. Quick question. Let's say I build a website for a client on my paid account plan. If I don't misunderstand I also need to pay for the site plan as the website has a custom domain and more than 2 pages. At the end of the work I transfer the website to my client's account. Is the site plan going to automatically move with the website to my client or what?

  9. Didn't really go through what the different site plans do and which one suits what type of user. Perhaps the hosting site plans are different now to what they were when you created the video.

  10. I have a blog on WordPress now. I'm interested in moving to Webflow. Will I just need to purchase the CMS Site plan? Or do I need to purchase the CMS Site Plan and the Lite Account Plan? Thanks!

  11. Ran please answer these question. I'm considering using Webflow but need more info before I invest my money.

    I want to start a webdesign business with Webflow. I'm assuming I need the Account Pro plan. I create the clients website and export it. The client signs up for a free Webflow account with hosting to use the exported site I created. The client can use Webflow CMS to update their website now. Is that correct? Can you clearly tell me how this process is done?

    Last question. Does exporting a website and hosting it to another host like Bluehost work? I heard that ecommerce sites exported from Webflow doesnt work on another host. I need clarification please. I've been reseaching for days and don't know if i should go with WordPress of Webflow.

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