Hostinger Review - New Tech, Easier To Use, NO SUPPORT?? [2020]

Hostinger Hosting Buy – Hostinger Review – New Tech, Easier To Use, NO SUPPORT?? [2020]

Hostinger Review – New Tech, Easier To Use, NO SUPPORT?? [2020]

Hostinger Hosting Buy

1 year has passed from my Hostinger review. Let’s find out what changed, are they still worth it and should you host your website with them?
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00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Price
03:06 – Interface & Ease Of Use
4:33 – Loading Speed Tests
6:20 – Stress Test
8:15 – Stability Test
8:35 – Support
10:33 – Hostinger Pros
11:17 – Hostinger Cons
12:30 – Recommendation
My Hostinger review focuses on the different changes that were made to the Hostinger web hosting services from 2019 to 2020. I’ve made sure to leave no stone unturned and evaluated Hostinger’s support, performance, pricing, major advantages, and disadvantages.

A major talking point in my previous Hostinger reviews were their low barrier of entry with the cheapest plans that cost under $1. Well in this Hostinger review, I’ve tried to test more than the cheaper plan to get a better understanding of what the different Hostinger plans offer.

Also, If you’re interested in getting a Hostinger plan for the lowest possible price you can get an extra 10% off using the links below together with the code “EMITREVIEWS”

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This Hostinger review is more focused on their performance in 2020. How different plans handle stress, loading speed, and stability issues. I’ve personally tested out every single product Hostinger is offering and I wanted to share some of my findings in my review of Hostinger.

At the time of writing this video, Hostinger isn’t offering free 24/7 live chat support anymore. They’re using an email system and if you want 24/7 live chat you have to buy that as an option in their store for a couple of dollars extra. As the Hostinger support agents explained this is mainly due to the increased load and free 24.7 chat support should be back soon.

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Hostinger Hosting Buy

Hostinger Review – New Tech, Easier To Use, NO SUPPORT?? [2020]

24 thoughts on “Hostinger Hosting Buy – Hostinger Review – New Tech, Easier To Use, NO SUPPORT?? [2020]

  1. Sold ! 🙂 – Thank you, very informative. We have been looking into cloud hosting for a bit and decided to take the plunge based on your video. I used your code: EMITREVIEWS and got an extra 10% discount on top of the websites current discount on the starter plan.

    We have now migrated over and can say we are very happy and very fast –

    Our website was quite fast but at a point were we could not optimise our code any more and the bottle neck was the web sever. We were previously on a shared hosting plan which is a no go if speed and performance is of importance. We now have near perfect scores on GTmetrix, page insights & lighthouse. Just what we were looking for. Especially as the June google update will now use web vitals as a ranking factor

    The change was quite smooth we uploaded all the website files but could not view or test server until we had changed the name server on the old webhost took around two hours to complete.

    The only modification we had to do in order to use the website was change php version and select checkbox in he php configuration menu to allow mysqli. Instant speed improvement and was able to select a server closer to our audience which is A+ – Very happy thanks again

  2. Hi Emit, Thanks for this amazing review, we are a web design biz based in the philippines can you recommend which hosting is better namehero or hostinger please? if hostinger what is the best plan we could get, cloud hosting looks interesting but i am hoping they also have easy one click install for wordpress. Cheers mate

  3. Black Friday Discounts ARE HERE! Hostinger is significantly discounting their PREMIUM web hosting plan ($1.70 a month) if you stack the discount together with my code.
    ► Hostinger $1.70 PREMIUM Plan ➜
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    Sale is limited time, this is the best time to grab a Hostinger plan with the biggest discount available!

  4. Hello there! What does 1 email account mean? Does it let me create a professional custom email? Because on the premium plan it says "Free Email". I am a bit confused becasue I want to go with the starter plan but also the professional email is a deal breaker for me.
    Thank you!

  5. Is there any difference to Business Shared Hosting and Business WordPress hosting since the price seems to be dubbed for Business WordPress hosting.

  6. I see in your video the “Cloud Global” hosting plan is $37/mo. I am interested in purchasing this one, but upon just checking the price, it has been hiked up 50%! It is $56.99 for a 4 year plan. Any ideas how I can get it for $37?

  7. With all respect to you, it is immature and not the proper way of reviewing a host to buy just a plan from a host for a day and test it by few sample test. Reviewers usually review the host by owning an actual using it for atleast few months in real life to get a real idea of pros amd cons what they are reviewing about amd suggesting to audience.

  8. If anyone is worried about Hostinger support it usually takes 2h after you contact them but they follow-up fast. Im hosting 3 sites with Hostinger in Business Plan and it's been great

    Fast load times and I didn't know a thing about optimizing sites, it was all thanks to them (now I kinda know thanks to Emit lol) $117 for 2 years, that's $5/month. Totally worth it. (and use the Emit link for the extra discount, I saved like $16 extra with it)

  9. I'm looking to transfer a domain and hosting, but I don't know how to find the pricing for this on Hostinger. I'm wondering if the $48 is only for the US people only. Is your discount only for new customers to Hostinger who need a new domain versus transfer?

  10. @Emit
    Hello Mate me again… Just an observation. I have watched 3 different hostinger reviews. I notice that after signing up to hostinger the reviewer creates WordPress website. My question, Is hostinger only good for WordPress or other CMS websites and not HTML and CSS websites?

  11. Nice video. I just subscribed. I am using your link in the description to get the Business Web Hosting Plan with Hostinger. I have a question, the plan given me 100 websites. I don’t quite understand this. Does it mean I can have 2 or three websites with different domain names on this account? Thank you.

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