How To Buy A Modded Minecraft Server with Apex Minecraft Hosting

Is Apex Hosting Worth It – How To Buy A Modded Minecraft Server with Apex Minecraft Hosting

How To Buy A Modded Minecraft Server with Apex Minecraft Hosting

Is Apex Hosting Worth It

This video shows you exactly how to get a modded Minecraft server with Apex Minecraft Hosting. This will allow you to quickly and easily set up a modded server in just a few clicks without having to download anything yourself other than the mods you want to play. I show you everything you need to know to host a modded server with Apex in this video!


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About this video: In this video, I show you exactly how to start a modded Minecraft server with Apex Minecraft Hosting. If you just want to buy a modded Minecraft server and not have to worry about anything else, this is the video for you. It goes over everything you need to know about building a modded server on a host like Apex Minecraft Hosting.

First things first, you need to buy your #ModdedMinecraftServer. You can do this with a bunch of different server hosts, but in this video, we use #ApexMinecraftHosting. I cannot recommend Apex enough, and we actually use them for our own Minecraft 1.13.2 server. I go over the entire process of signing up for an Apex server in this video, but if you do have any issues, they have 24-hour support to help you out.

After you have purchased your server, you will need to decide if you want a modpack on your server or if you want to add your own mods to your server. If you want a modpack, Apex has nearly 50 different mods to choose from. Whether you are looking to buy a Stone Block 2, SevTech, or CrazyCraft 3 server, Apex has it all, and it can all be setup in just one click.

If you want to start a server with your own mods though, you’ll want to select Forge for your server type. Then, you’ll need to download the Forge mods you want on your server. Be sure to download and dependecy Forge mods as well. Also, be sure that all of your mods are for the version of Minecraft that your server is for. You have to use 1.13.2 mods for a 1.13.2 server for example.

Once you have your mods downloaded, you need to download Filezilla. You can find the Filezilla link in the description above. Then, you’ll need to get the FTP information from Apex. Once you have that, drop and drop your mods into your mods folder on the server. You aren’t done yet though. You need to go to the Forge link in the description and install Forge and your mods on your own PC.

After you have the mods installed locally and on your server, you can start the server. Then, join on into your server. You are now good to go. Have fun with your newly purchased moded server.

If you have any questions about your server, you can contact Apex support, or leave a comment on this video. If this video did help you buy a modded Minecraft server, please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. It really helps us out, and it means a ton to me.

Note: Some of the above links are affiliate links. I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you if you go to these sites and make a purchase.

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Is Apex Hosting Worth It

How To Buy A Modded Minecraft Server with Apex Minecraft Hosting

21 thoughts on “Is Apex Hosting Worth It – How To Buy A Modded Minecraft Server with Apex Minecraft Hosting

  1. its not working, i've done everything i have the mod installed in minecraft and filezilla, im on 1.12.2 forge and all my mods work in singleplayer but they just dont show up in game HELP

  2. So glad i made my server now rather than 5 years ago, 15 yr old me would of gotten confused to the edge but as always you have always helped me when i need tutorials probably one of the best that is easy and simple to follow.

  3. 🙁 I wish I could make one of these servers for Crazy Craft with my friends, but I don't have any money and my parents definitely wont be spending about 100 a month for my server. pls help 🙁

  4. The problem im having is it takes me to twitch and makes me download the mods there and then when looking in my downloads folder there is no downloads so I cant add them locally where the hell are the mods going when I download them on twitch?

  5. How does this work? What happens when a new version of forge comes out? Or does the server stay on the same version (the newest) when you created it? So if an update came out would we have to update our cleints?

  6. If I purchase a 8GB server and realize later that the mods and plug ins I added to that server lag the whole server, and I went to increase server ram size. Will they charge me full price of the 10gb server ? Or just the following money since I already purchased the 8gb?

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