The Ultimate BIG NIGHT IN Cooking Battle

Is Free Hosting Worth It – The Ultimate BIG NIGHT IN Cooking Battle

The Ultimate BIG NIGHT IN Cooking Battle

Is Free Hosting Worth It

AD | Staying in is the new going out… So naturally we’ve got 2 of our normals together to create the Ultimate Big Night In dish. Today Jamie and Mike are going head to head in a battle with a twist – they have to pair their dish with a killer whisky cocktail! And there are points up for grabs…

With Barry and Ebbers watching from the sidelines, who can think like a chef? Who can keep their chill? And most importantly, who can come up with the most innovative dish paired with a knockout drink?

Watch to find out! And remember to let us know who YOUR winner is in the comments below.

Grab Jamie’s recipe here:
Grab Mike’s recipe here:

Thanks to The Singleton for sponsoring the video!

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Is Free Hosting Worth It

The Ultimate BIG NIGHT IN Cooking Battle

40 thoughts on “Is Free Hosting Worth It – The Ultimate BIG NIGHT IN Cooking Battle

  1. I remembered the big night in series tagline was" staying in is the new going out", maybe u guys can share some recipes for big night ins now that we cant go out?

  2. It'd be a neat idea to have the boys select one ingredient from a table or the pretentious videos for another cook- like if you give licorice root to Jamie, will he make the chili or stick to something sweet. Maybe a tool one too?

  3. Wait wait wait. "Continuing with the southeast Asian spin, I'm going to do a holy basil mojito." Holy basil is from India and Mojitos are Cuban. That's like saying "Continuing with my English theme, I'm going to make a Paella burrito."

  4. With the meal prep add are U considering making a sub section for meals that are healthy tasty but filling but can still loose weight … Coz I struggle to diet and make food for my family I usually have to do two different meals which isn't ideal …I no this is a silly question but really looking for a solution that everyone likes and it's one meal for the whole family without the headache

  5. First of all I love this channel, Mike, James, Jamie, Ben (really cute), Barry all of you are awesome, however…. please do a Keto challenge, I honestly have run out of ideas, 60kgs lost so far now I am lost on flavours, it is so hard to think of new tastes after 30 odd years of a heavy carb diet, PS for all the trolls, been on keto for 2 years and my vitals have never been better. my doctors have recommended for me to continue.

  6. What has happened the last year? I mean, before Jamie used to be more sloppy, messy, and quite more into his beef and know about his meat, but nothing else.
    Now he wins all the competitions!!! What is going on?!?

  7. Does anyone know exactly how color blind Jamie is? I have an uncle who is completely red/green color blind and a friend who is blue-yellow color blind (which is apparently rarer). And of course I know that complete color blindness does exist. I was just curious where Jamie fell.

  8. Y'know, gotta say, absolutely love how Mike tends to go for the "cheats" style of cooking. Really time efficient ways of getting at what you're looking for. It's a skill that's really useful for spicing up your midweek cooking. As a guy who does a lot of cooking for the household on the daily, these sorts of things are absolute lifesavers when you've got to get something on the table and ready before rushing off to do something else.

    Even if he doesn't get a ton of wins at it, rather like seeing how he goes for ways of doing things that help him get more done in less time, like using the microwave and pressure cooker in the 20 minute battle to get tender ribs and baked potatoes, cheats methods to get ice cream for the mochi ice cream in the Japanese battle nearly two years ago.

    It's great to see how to cut corners, and love how he goes for ambitious meals within these time limits, by using the proper tricks to save loads of time over the traditional ways of doing things. Love seeing how each of the lads have their own style and how they're good to learn from.

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