Should You Use | Honest Review

Is WordPress Hosting Worth It – Should You Use | Honest Review

Should You Use | Honest Review

Is WordPress Hosting Worth It

Should you use How is it different from other WordPress hosts? Here’s the breakdown.


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Is WordPress Hosting Worth It

Should You Use | Honest Review

17 thoughts on “Is WordPress Hosting Worth It – Should You Use | Honest Review

  1. I need help if you can, i mean this will really help I just home you see this cause they have a 20% off but for today only and i cant get a person from wordpress. I need to be able to add all my youtube videos here… will I be able too.

  2. Hey, just wanted to say that porkbun website sucks, it's so unorganized and I couldn't purchase anything… Don't wanna be bother with it if they didn't bother to make a user friendly website. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the products they are selling and when you click on it, it's just prices but you can't select anything, you can only go to top of the page and see this short menu with products that is also so complicated and unorganized… Sorry, not for me.

  3. All this time I’ve been using biz plan and thinking it was the other. I even went to a word camp! Good thing is they offer a refund for me if I cancel early. What about bluehost? Also wondering about OptimizePress or Elementor do you suggest either of these! I need a better site.

  4. Nice video. I'd go a step further: Should you use WordPress at all? For most people, I believe NO. The total cost of ownership, then factoring in the learning curve, fixing problems, security concerns, plugin updates.. good God. I know, I've been fixing WordPress problems for years. It can run smoothly but takes more effort. For most people, a simple sitebuilder or even static sites are better. imho.

  5. Thank you for this video! It unfortunately came a little too late for me, but this is so helpful for so many people. I had to do all this research last week to figure out "Just what is" I found some friendly websites defining the huge difference between and, and I settled on hosting through Namecheap after watching many of your tutorials. 😀 You are literally the only consolidated source of reliable information when it comes to website creation. Keep up the great work!

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