How to Install Minecraft Modpacks

Mc Hosting Pro – How to Install Minecraft Modpacks

How to Install Minecraft Modpacks

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🎬 In today’s video you will learn how to install a modpack to a Minecraft server through manual installation and through MCProHosting’s “Server Type” option with MCProHosting’s Modpack Support addon(requires Stone plan or higher).

Modpacks are a collection of mods setup to work together and often change Minecraft entirely by adding new mobs, new blocks, new items, new structures, and more!

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MCProHosting Knowledgebase – How to Install a Minecraft Modpack:

🏰 Tekkit Classic Modpack (used in tutorial):

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📦 WinRAR:

💾 FileZilla:

🗒️ Notepad++:

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How to Install Minecraft Modpacks

19 thoughts on “Mc Hosting Pro – How to Install Minecraft Modpacks

  1. Tbh I'm not a fan of you guys anymore, I owned my minecraft server for a couple of months and through those months I couldn't add a single mod so I searched around to see how or if Iwas screwing something up which led me to you're guys channel help all your videos are outdated and never work so I ask for help and literally get no service what so ever. I even joined your discord only to be ignored or redirected to these outdated videos so yeah no thank you I'm done with your services. I'm getting an unofficial ARK server and it's not going to be threw you guys.

  2. I'm just trying to install a datapack, after the new "improved" Control panel. It was very easy before the OneControl. Can you do a video on that please. Much love btw, your videos have helped me out so much 😀

  3. when you cut and say 'once all of your mod pack server files are on your server' can you please explain what you mean and how to do it? I am very new to this and find it all confusing. I have added the mod pack and unzipped it, but i am not getting a .jar file

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